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Pseudo-Knee Jerk Super Bowl Reactions!

It’s been a bit over twelve hours since New Orleans won the Super Bowl. I haven’t checked the news in a few hours but is New Orleans still standing? I know it’s not cool to knock the city and all these days…but most of those people are on perma-drunk as is. Do they need an excuse for another parade? Most folks there wake up and say, “Hey it’s Tuesday…how ’bout a parade?” Oh sure, I’m just a prude that doesn’t want to have a good time. No, no, that’s not true. I like to have fun…I just don’t like to constantly smell vomit while doing it.

So, there’s Sunny Opinion #1 of The Super Bowl. Here are some others…

  • Betty White made the Snickers commercial pretty damn awesome but once Abe Vigoda showed up, it became an instant classic. I’m still not going to buy a Snickers bar in the near future though. Funny rule #1: Old people doing crazy things is always funny.
  • Any use of beaver puppets is a winner for me.
  • People seemed to like the Doritos commercials. I thought they were way, way too stupid. The dog collar bit is Jackass-funny…dog barks, see guy get shocked. It’s Idiocracy. If anything, I liked the kid giving his mom’s date a hard time. That was slightly amusing.
  • The Green Police? The Tim Tebow ad? Hmmm…which of those commercials was really pushing an agenda?
  • Where’s the love for Chuck Barkley’s Taco Bell song? Of course, I’m not going to run out and pick up that $5 angioplasty-in-a-b0x, but the commercial was funny.
  • E-Trade needs to knock it off with the talking babies.
  • Since when was Tracy Morgan the straight man to Stevie Wonder? Life is actually better that way.
  • It was cool to hear Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” during all those NFL commercial. It’s even cooler to hear that every dime made from those heads straight to Haiti.
  • GoDaddy and Budweiser need to go back to the drawing board.
  • Finally…how awesome is it that the Letterman-Oprah-Leno bit was all Dave’s idea. Read this very cool article to learn all about it.
  1. mcarteratthemovies
    February 15, 2010 at 1:57 PM

    On your “Idiocracy” shoutout: I assume you were referring to “Ow, My Balls!” The sad thing about humankind is that we had a show like that in the 1990s, not in the year 2025.

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