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Jack On The Big Screen? Life After “Lost”? Megan Fox…Talented?!?!

Did anybody see that stabbing on “24” last night coming? Whoops. Hope I didn’t ruin it for anyone. It’s not that often you see Jack Bauer get stuck with a shiv. Do you know what the big problem with “24” is (other than this Dana Walsh sideplot garbage!)? You know that nothing is going to happen to Jack. When he gets stabbed, he shakes it off. Electrocution? Meh. Jack is like a zombie…you have to behead him to kill him.

  • Speaking of “24”, the movie rumors are cranking up again. Unbelievably, Fox hasn’t picked the show up for next season yet. Sure, ratings are down a tick but it is still #3 on Fox behind “American Idol” and “House”. Kiefer Sutherland has some interesting things to say about the idea of the movie running into the show or vice versa: “In a media world that is changing unbelievably fast, a television series can either act as a great trailer for a film, or a film can act as a great trailer for a television series. And I think the first person who actually does that is going to change the way television interacts with feature films.”
  • Eric Bane and Rebecca Gayheart are going to have a kid. Should child protection services just be present at the birth in an effort to not waste time?
  • Tim Robbins has signed up for a part in “Green Lantern”. He will be playing the father of the Peter Sarsgaard, who is playing the guy that goes crazy and gets all evil and stuff. Susan Sarandon was too busy playing ping-pong with 19-year olds to be reached for comment.
  • It’s all comic books all the time. This time, it’s one that people actually care about. All knowing Nikki Finke is reporting that David Goyer bailed on the failed ABC show “FlashForward” in order to start writing the next Batman movie. This is the greatest news of all time that you will read about today.
  • What’s next for the “Lost” actors? No doubt Matthew Fox will try to get into movies like he did with “Vantage Point” and “Speed Racer”…which means fail and get back in a kickass TV show. Daniel Dae Kim is going to star in the “Hawaii Five-O” remake…which means fail. Evangeline Lilly may bail on acting altogether and move to Rwanda. I can confirm that this in no way will affect the fact that she is smoking hot.
  • Finally…Mickey Rourke said the following regarding Megan Fox. She is “probably the best young actress I’ve ever worked with”. Oh no. Somebody make sure that Mickey isn’t drinking again. I can confirm that Mickey’s opinion in no way will affect the fact that Megan Fox looks like she needs to take a shower.
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