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“Lost” Thoughts…So What Exactly Did Kate Do Again

Yes...not hot at all.

Before I get going on this week’s “Lost” review/recap/timewaste session of “What Kate Does”, let me tell you this: last night, my wife said she doesn’t see how Evangeline Lilly is all that hot. Now, I’m not some savage that runs around proclaiming this chick is hot or that chick is not. I don’t “read” Maxim and I could care less about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I don’t go out to clubs in my tight Ed Hardy douchebag billboard t-shirt and try to get my hands on fake cans all night long. What I’m saying is, I don’t behave like a caveman.

Having said all that…Evangeline Lilly is way, way hot.

Okay, now that’s all cleared up. How about that Kate Austen huh? She sure did it this time. Wait a tick, what did she do exactly? I mean, the title is called “What Kate Does”, which ominously sounds like she does some bad stuff considering way back in “What Kate Did”, we find out that she blew up her own father. It turns out that what Kates does is once again show that she isn’t a bad seed, she’s not really a cold-blooded killer, she is the prototypical hooker with a heart of gold…except she’s not a hooker…but you get the idea.

Since this episode pretty much followed Kate around, let’s talk about what’s happening at the Temple. So what’s up with Sayid and his infection? Sure, he’s been around the block a few times with his handful of chicks but I don’t think electrocuting his nipples will clear any of that stuff up. No, I think Dogen and Lennon (who is greatness) are more concerned that Sayid is going to lose his noodle a la the French folks…

…and Jack’s sister! Hold up, the Others know that Claire is Jack’s sister? Did ghost Christian tell them that? I think we all can agree that ghost Christian is really Smokey/Flocke/Man In Black right? If so, we can agree that whatever he has been doing, i.e. taking Claire off into the jungle, can’t be good.

I’m liking the comeback of the real Jack Shepherd. His whiny, unconfidence was starting to really get to me last season. Would unsure Jack have taken that pill as a way to get the truth out of Dogen? Probably not. Hero Jack from season one would have done it no questions asked. Welcome back kick-ass Jack, you’ve been missed.

We can apparently welcome back con-man, tough as nails, don’t give a rat’s ass Sawyer to “Lost” as well. Not only did “LA X” set up a potential Sawyer-On-Hurley (hot) con in the New Past, he’s going rogue on the Island too. If you are in the Sawyer-Kate Fan Club, you can tear up your membership card because it ain’t happening. My main man LaFleur’s heart only belonged to the oh-so-missed Juliet. Is Sawyer the most intriguing character on the show? Maybe, maybe not, but you can’t argue that of all of these people, he has shown the most room for redemption.

Sawyer decides that the Temple just isn’t his scene and during the commotion of taking Sayid to the nipple clamps, he bails. Apparently, this is a big no-no to Dogen and Lennon and Kate convinces them that she can get him to come back. Jin tags along for the ride because he wants to find Sun. Then, Mac from “It’s Always Sunny” shows up and tells them he is going with them. At this point, you had to know that Mac (or Aldo) is toast right? Nightman or not, you can’t tag along with Kate and Jin in the jungle and not get wasted.

Naturally, Kate and Jin elude Aldo. Kate leaves Jin, who interestingly enough wanted to go back to the Temple, and she goes to New Otherton to ask Sawyer if he’ll help her find Claire. Sawyer isn’t interested in any part of that and Kate bails, only after watching Sawyer throw what was to be Juliet’s engagement ring in the ocean. Then I cried.

Jin, on the other hand, was left with the most interesting problem. Aldo and the other Other find him and instead of taking him back, Aldo wants to stomp-clap-stomp-stomp-clap all over his ass. He’s about to pop him when bang! Shots ring out, Jin whirls around to see Claire holding a smoking rifle. This is the point when every “Lost” fan had to get up, retrieve their brain from the other side of the room, and place it back in their skull.

Have I mentioned that Kate carjacked a taxi cab carrying Claire in the New Past? No? There’s another insane development involving my favorite blonde Australian. Well, maybe second favorite…I do love that Mick Dundee.

After feeling some guilt for kicking a pregnant woman out of a car and stealing her clothes (wuss), Kate decides to help Claire out. Kate drives Claire to the home of who was supposed to adopt her baaabee. See what I did there? I spelled it like Claire says it. Hilarity ensues.

Turns out, the guy ditched his wife and now, unlike in “Juno”, the woman is not interested in raising Claire’s baby alone. Wonder who her husband is? Does it matter? I don’t care, moving on. The stress of this moment triggers something with Claire and she thinks she’s going to have the baby right there on this woman’s porch!

Kate rushes Claire to the hospital. Here’s where I thought Juliet would show up since she was/is a baby doctor of some kind. Instead, it’s freaking Ethan Goodspeed. Turns out, it’s a false alarm and Ethan is able to prevent the birth. Also, isn’t Ethan a nice guy? Didn’t see that one coming. I wonder if everyone from 815 will have crappy lives in the New Past, but the Others like Ethan, Juliet, and even Ben will have good lives since they didn’t go to the Island. Hmmm…

A few detectives show up and ask Claire about the woman who brought her to the hospital. Claire just tells them she was a cabbie and covers for Kate. Claire asks her what she did and Kate proclaims her innocence. What if she really is innocent? Hmmm…

Anything I forgot to cover? Not that I can think of. If you have anything let me hear from you. Until then, I’m off to Paddy’s Pub to have a cold one in honor of Aldo/Mac. Wild card bitches.

  1. February 12, 2010 at 2:59 PM


    There is a discussion of LOST happening at my blog right now. I invite you to be a part of it!


  2. October 24, 2012 at 6:25 PM

    [“I’m liking the comeback of the real Jack Shepherd. His whiny, unconfidence was starting to really get to me last season.”]

    No wonder Jack was unpopular for so long. He’s the show leading male character and instead of acting like a confident hero, he was being a flawed man. And many fans couldn’t deal with this.

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