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Cinematically Correct Lives!! Pine As The Cap’n? Conan’s Unemployment Beard! Betty White Models Lingerie!

There hasn’t been anything posted here since last Thursday! This means that Cinematically Correct was wasting even more Internet space than the standard amount it wastes. It’s kind of like if John Mayer stopped performing. Why the Mayer shot? Well, I would have taken plenty last week but I was busy dealing with snow in Texas and a locked iPhone…dark, dark days indeed.

  • There is a correction for the headline here. Betty White is not modeling lingerie. Instead, there is some wheels off movement to get her as a Saturday Night Live host this year. Why the hell not? She’s total greatness and there’s a guarantee the ratings for that episode would be massive. Besides, she’ll say just about anything for a laugh.
  • Ah, it’s Christina Hendricks that is modeling lingerie. Again, I’m not a meathead guy…but holy s*** dude. This just can’t be legal right? I’m going on record saying that Hendricks is the Most Gorgeous Chick Of All Time That You Will Look At This Afternoon Today.
  • Anybody excited about the Bonarroo lineup? It’s pretty kickass. It’s even more awesomer (bad phrasing?) knowing that The Flaming Lips are performing “Dark Side Of The Moon” in its entirety, just like they did in Oklahoma City on New Year’s Eve. Now, Wayne Coyne’s house? It’s even more awesomer…est?
  • Last year, while I was unemployed, it was difficult to get motivated because unlike Conan O’Brien, my douchebag former employer didn’t give me $35 million bucks to go away. So I sat around, ate ice cream, played X-Box, watched The Price Is Right, you know…deadbeat things that stoners do. Conan O’Brien takes his kids to Hawaii. Have we all stopped feeling completely sorry for Conan? Good.
  • Make no mistake about the previous bullet point…Jay Leno and NBC can still go straight to hell. Love you Coco.
  • Awhile back, Mrs. Cinematically Correct went on and on about Aaron Eckhart and how fabulous he is and how she wants to be his girlfriend…blah blah blah. She wants him to Captain America. Well, she won’t get to see Eckhart in blue tights just yet as the latest rumor du jour (that’s French for “soup of the day”) is Chris Pine is going to put on those particular super-hero stretchy pants. Pine released a statement saying that he “will only play fictional Captains from this point forth“. He didn’t say that.
  • Finally…there is some strange animated page on the Flynn Lives website right now. Flynn, of course, is the main character from “Tron” and is played by Jeff Bridges, who is pretty much the best at everything. The online geek community (not me of course) seems to think that this is some kind of counter or countdown clock. Counting down to what? The time when Tron junkies finally move out of their parent’s basement? Perhaps the first time they accidentally kiss a girl? More? No? Okay. Bye.
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