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Can’t People Just Be Crazy?

If you scroll through enough entries on Cinematically Correct, you’ll probably figure out where most of my political beliefs lie. However, unlike the majority of our government in Washington D.C., I do believe in the word “compromise”. If you sat me down in a room with someone from the opposite political world as me and said, “Look, you need to get things worked out so go do it”, I can promise you that I would not be the person that gives up.

Today, a lunatic landed a plane in an office building in Austin, TX. I have spent some time reading blogs and opinion-makers from the left and right attempt to label this scumbag, attempted murderer as a far-right “teabagger” or the second coming of Che Guevara. I read his unimpressive, whiny, weak-willed manifesto and anyone claiming this guy had a defined agenda is a political weasel and needs to be completely ignored. I don’t care if it’s Glenn Beck or Keith Olbermann. You are despicable for even trying to attempt it.

I don’t expect us to all to always agree, but I have a simple equation that I hold dear.

Too far right = Fascism. Too far left = Communism. Neither work.

Let’s all try and get back to the in-between okay?

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