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“Lost” Thoughts!! Jacob Picked Cinematically Correct As Number 00!!

Hey, everybody that thought “Lost” was a rudderless ship, just steering along with no real plan or endgame in sight…f*** you. Oh, I’m just kidding. I don’t really want to curse your name or anything like that. I just want to give you the biggest “faced” in history.

Hey, all of you “Lost” day one fans…how freaking kickass is all of this? After all this time, energy, thought, devotion, it’s really all coming together in a way that seems to make sense. That final cave scene with Flocke and Sawyer was such greatness it makes me wonder if  it even mattered what happened in the first 45 minutes of “The Substitute”? Well…yes, I think it did…so do you, keep reading…

This week, I’m covering the New Past first (unstable word structure) since it was less interesting than on-Island events…but not by that much. The first big wow moment came after Locke feebily plopped down on his front yard and got showered by his sprinkler system. Of course, unlike his rebirth-like rain shower on the Island way back in season one, this one sucked…until Helen opened up the front door in her Ed Hardy t-shirt. To think, I used to like Helen.

Later on, there’s some talk of a wedding and Helen’s desire to just go to Vegas and invite a few people. You know, the regulars, her parents, his dad…screeeeeeechLocke’s f’ing dad?! You mean the scumbag that pushed him out of a building, stole his kidney, caused Sawyer’s daddy to kill his mom then himself, owner of the bar from “Road House”? Do you know the can of unanswered questions this opens? How is Locke paralyzed this time around? Thankfully, we won’t have to wait three years or whatever to find out.

Unfortunately, while entertaining and comforting, the rest of Locke’s New Past wasn’t that Earth-shattering. After getting fired by that Randy fella, Locke meets Hurley. Hurley seems to be quite the optimist, which I’m not sure I like that much. Give me the sarcastic quipster over the perma-grin, uber-happy Hurley anyday. That’s right, I want my Losties to be tortured and broken souls.

Hurley hooks Locke up with a temp agency that, wouldn’t you know it, employs Rose. I wonder how many Losties are working for Hugo in the New Past? I bet many of them are. It turns out that Rose still has cancer, which would be the first Lostie to not be doing so well in the New Past. Well, Kate isn’t…but who cares about boring/hot Kate? The sappy part of me fell for Rose’s speech about living what life she has left and I got weepy. I’m a sucker for John Locke and his potential redemption every time out.

I fell apart during John and Helen’s talk about miracles. It was tough to hear the normally faithful Locke talk about not believing in miracles. As Al Michaels and Helen have told us, there are such things as miracles. This leads me to believe that Jack and Locke are going to meet again and yes, Jack is going to fix Locke. Want to hear how this is going to come full circle? It’s my newest idea. On the Island, Locke will somehow eventually fix Jack. By the time this is over, Jack will become a bigger Man Of Faith and in the New Past, Locke will become a bigger Man Of Science.

That’s what it’s all about right? Isn’t that how we should all strive to be? You can’t be too far in either direction or you will be blinded by one of them. If you believe in faith too much, you start thinking about dying for it, with which we Americans are all too familiar. If you strictly believe in science, you’re going to miss out on some truly beautiful things because you will never take any leaps of faith.

Phew. Take “Lost” too seriously here? You’re damn right.

Okay, let’s zip back to the Island, where it kicks ass 365-days a year. I know what Flocke/Smokey/Man In Black is doing and I don’t think he is recruiting. As we know, there are rules. I think these rules involve Smokey not being allowed to kill whom Jacob has chosen. So what does a maniacal, Satan-type guy do? Why, you find those in distress and manipulate them into doing your will. He used Ben’s daughter’s death as a means to get him to kill Jacob and now, he’s going to use Juliet’s death as a way to get Sawyer to do his bidding.

How freaked out by Flocke is Richard Alpert? It’s kind of cool to see Richard be anything but clever and slick. Up until now, panic was something that just didn’t apply to him. Now, many people are hung up on the little boy that Flocke saw while talking to Richard. I’m not so much hung up on who he is or what he was saying as much as why the hell can’t Richard see him and, later on, Sawyer could?

Flocke says peace out to Richard then smokes his way to New Otherton to talk to his next target, Sawyer. As Sawyer is an expert at reading people, he knows pretty much right off the bat that Flocke isn’t the John Locke he knew. Instead of lying about this, Flocke admits it and gets Sawyer to agree to go with him, promising an answer to why he was on the Island. Here is the first point when my nerves began to get frazzled…

During their walk, Flocke and Sawyer come across that same kid, which as I mentioned, Sawyer can see. The kid is definitely of significance to Flocke since he booked it after him. The kid tells Fl0cke to remember the rules, which leads me to believe that was a reminder that he cannot simply kill Sawyer. Why? I know why…maybe.

Meanwhile, Ben, Sun, Frank, and Ilyana decide to bury the real Locke’s body. Two significant things happen here, we learn that for whatever reason, Flocke cannot change bodies. Why? Well, presumably so that Terry O’Quinn keeps portraying him. Second…Good God, poor Ben Linus. It’s the greatest role reversal of all times. He’s gone from devious schemer to sympathetic figure. His comments about Locke were quite soul baring for Ben and can there be any doubt that this character will be redeemed in some fashion?

Here’s where it gets way, way good. Don’t even get me started on this whole Jacob’s Ladder stuff. There’s so much Biblical refencing going on that we should all get that Bible Verse Lookup app on our iPhones. Of course, my main idea of what is happening on the Island is quite Biblical in itself.

After harrowingly making it down Jacob’s ladder, Flocke and Sawyer go into Jacob’s cave. Flocke chucks a white stone into the ocean, cracks a joke for all us geeks, then, he shows us the gold. Of course, I’m talking the first real, true explanation of the numbers. Why those numbers? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that they represent our Losties.

  • 4 – Locke
  • 8 – Reyes
  • 15 – Ford
  • 16 – Jarrah
  • 23 – Shepherd
  • 42 – Kwon

Flocke explains they were all candidates for Jacob’s job. I believe that to be true. He says that Jacob felt he needed to protect the Island. That I believe to be a lie. I’ll get to that in a second…

Tell me that you didn’t freak out when Flocke crossed out Locke’s name? At that moment, I thought it was over for Sawyer. I thought that Flocke was going to kill him. When he didn’t and instead, got Sawyer to agree to help him get off the Island, it all hit me like a beam of light:

Jacob wasn’t protecting the Island. The Island and Jacob are protecting humanity from Flocke/Smokey/Man In Black. I’m not saying Smokey is Satan or the Devil, but he is definitely doing things that resemble him. He couldn’t kill Sawyer because he could be the next Jacob and we all know he couldn’t kill him by himself. Look at everyone on the Island that has died that showed up on Jacob’s wall, none of them died by Smokey’s hands…or smoke. Charlie? Charlotte? Claire? Faraday? Rutherford? None.

The Devil only shows himself when you are at your weakest, which he did to Sawyer. The endgame for Smokey is killing off everyone on Jacob’s wall, which means he can finally leave the Island and…well…I don’t know what he wants to do but I’m sure it’s not good. Once Jacob’s chosen people are dead, he can leave the Island.

Two final thoughts…first, Kate was not on Jacob’s wall. She is, as Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny” would call, a “wildcard”. She’s there for a reason, a reason that Jacob did not want known. I think she is first in line to take his spot.

Lastly, when Sawyer dies heroically, it will be one of the most epic, saddest moments in television history. Can there be any doubt that he will die while saving everyone? I’ve got a full box of Puffs ready for Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I when that moment comes because it’s going to be brutal to watch.

Until next time folks…in the meantime, have some Earl Gray Tea.

  1. jenchic
    February 21, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    excellent!! (your thoughts & LOST)

  2. bustajoe
    February 23, 2010 at 1:55 AM

    I absolutely love your site, you have such a strong writing voice. You mix very insightful writing with great comedy. Keep writing your LOST reviews I agree with you on what you wrote, I think you are definitely on the right track with you theories.

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