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Damn You “Lost”!!

How can I be expected to wait another week for “Lost”? It’s just more and more intriguing each week. I’m sure I’ll write much more later, but since the wife is now watching figure skating, I’ll throw a few initial thoughts up.

• I get the lighthouse thing. Jacob watched everyone there, got it. This sure doesn’t make the case for Jacob as being the good guy, but I’m still certain he is.
• So who was on 108 on the dial? I’ll tell you who: Desmond, that’s who. He is the key to the whole thing. Remember, he’s the only person to actually change things in the past.
• Now that was a new past I can get behind. It was the kind of story that made me love “Lost” in the first place.
• Hurley is right about the skeletons in the cave. I get the feeling they know those two people.
• Claire’s wheels are totally off. Little does she know that her dad & Flocke/her friend are one & the same.
• Kate really is the most boring Lostie going isn’t she?

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