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Quick Hits Fool!! Podcast Fever, Leon Gets A New Gig, & “Archer” Will Be Back In The Danger Zone

It felt like we were oh so close to the end for Dana Walsh on “24” last night. Man, I wanted her white trash ex-boyfriend to hit her with his hippie van. I would have been fine with a wild cougar suddenly running out of the woods and mauling her, even though that would be completely preposterous. Instead, we get at least one more week of her whiny, suddenly southern accented idiocy destroying one of my favorite shows.

  • In the world of other awesome spy show news, FX has renewed “Archer” for a second season. I cannot express how happy this makes me since I was uncertain that anyone was watching it. Danger zone.
  • I was going to click through this list of the 50 Best Working Directors, but once I noticed that David Lynch was #48, I quit. Any list that puts the genius of Lynch that low is obviously fraudulent and completely wheels off batsh** insane.
  • Add Ian McShane to the Guaranteed To Suck-fest that is the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” flick. I would say more about this but it’s too depressing to think about. Johnny…let it go.
  • Since I checked out The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO, it’s led me to the world of podcasts. I never got into this because I assumed that listening to people talk about nothing would be quite boring. After listening to all of the Gervais podcasts, I can safely say that I was dead wrong. This stuff is hilarious. I officially have podcast fever.
  • Hmm, this new Farrelly Brothers movie sure sounds interesting. It already had cast Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, and Jenna Fischer. Today, they have added the genius of Stephen Merchant and Leon himself, JB Smoove. I’m of the opinion that Leon from “Curb” should have his own show, he’s that brilliant.
  • Here’s some more movie news. This time, it involves Vince Vaughn and Kevin James getting together for a comedy. I know, it already sounds terrible. These two have made some seriously bad decisions lately. I mean…”Paul Blart”? “Couples Retreat”? Yuck. There is some light at the end of the tunnel for this movie as it is being directed by Ron Howard, who will not stoop to lowbrow, idiot humor.
  • Finally…CBS is giving another show to Jim Belushi. Some would say there are so many questions regarding this but there is really only one: Why?
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