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Does Cinematically Correct Have What It Takes To Talk “The Lighthouse”?

It’s taken awhile for me to get this typed up. I would like to have a legitimate reason, but it’s only due to sheer, unadulterated laziness.

Another week goes by and “Lost” yet again gives us more answers to the questions that have been dogging us for so long. Well, maybe they should be called pseudo-answers. It seems like for every answer, we get a few more questions dropped on us. For example, we learned that Jack’s mom has had extensive plastic surgery. The question is that how did she find such a crap doctor while in a family full of surgeons? Hardy har. Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks here and talk “The Lighthouse”.

Is anyone else starting to wonder if the New Past for our Losties really is best for all of them? Locke has a job he seems to dig and a burgeoning man-crush on tea-loving nice guy Ben Linus. We’ve got a terminally ill Rose with a fantastic attitude on life and a happy go lucky Hurley. Hold on a second…Jack is able to actually do something that proves he is nothing like his father? Now we’ve seen everything.

Yes, the big surprise in Jack’s New Past is that he has a son named David. When we first meet David, Jack is late to pick him up after school. We are led to believe that Jack isn’t a great papa, as he is obviously divorced (or never married) from David’s mother and David isn’t a fan of speaking to his dad. In the end, it turns out these are all tricks and David may just have been a quiet little prick to his dad.

Jack’s New Past is interesting, but doesn’t feel too terribly integral to the ongoing story. The only moment that felt deja vu-ish is when Jack tried to recollect how he got his appendix scar. Shockingly, I have an opinion on why he could not remember how or when it happened.

My belief is that at some point in each of their New Pasts, the Losties are going to meet their constant…which I believe to be Desmond. He’s going to visit them all and, just like Desmond suddenly remembered who Sayid was and his life on the Island back in the episode “The Constant”, each Lostie is going to remember the Island as well.

See, I think that when the bomb went off at the Swan Station, it created the same type of explosion that happened which caused Desmond to see the future and eventually, have his memory loss. I don’t have any in-depth thought process regarding this of course, but I do think that something happened to each of the Losties in the same manner as Desmond.

At one point, Jack leaves his house to go help his Cher-like mom look for his dad’s will. When he returns home, David is gone. Jack eventually goes to David’s house and no one is home there either. Jack goes to David’s room and listens to his answering machine. Insert Touching Father-Son Moment #1: Jack hears his own message to his son in which he says he just wanted to hear his voice. Why does “Lost” do this to me?>

The second message is from a woman confirming David’s slot to tryout for a musical conservatory…and wouldn’t you know it, it was right then and there! Jack takes off and walks in right as David is playing. Again, why “Lost”? Why do you play with my emotions like this?

As David finishes, Jack meets Dogen, who of course is the leader of the Others at the Temple. He tells Jack that David has a gift. They don’t seem to recognize each other at all, but I think that Dogen was purposely there. Haven’t we been led to believe that Dogen has been on the Island for quite some time? He was definitely there prior to Juliet (wipe away tear) setting off the bomb…right?

Touching Father-Son Moment #2: Jack and David have a heart to heart conversation. Just in case I ever become a father, I took notes. Jack told David what I think just about every son wants to hear: that in his eyes, he can never fail.

This was easily the strongest Jack-centric episode in almost as long as I can remember. It doesn’t feel like everything going on in the New Past is terribly important to the actual storyline, but this one was great because it was loaded with emotion and put Jack back in his comfort zone of being the heroic guy that he had been for the majority of “Lost”. I can safely say that “Lighthouse” is my favorite New Past to this point.

Now, let’s whoosh to the Island to see if Jack is getting back to Hero Jack there too.

“Lost” has several musical cues. There is a certain piece of music that they use when Losties are going on long treks. There are certain pieces used when revelations are being made. Then, there is the Hurley comedy score. You know the exact music I’m talking about too.

It feels like Hurley is the new Richard Alpert. So far, he is the only person to see Jacob and he’s taking orders from him, just like Richard. It turns out that Jacob wants Hurley to take Jack to the Lighthouse. Not only that, he tells Hurley exactly what to say to Jack to get him to agree to go.

You have what it takes“. Can this show get any cooler? I really don’t think it’s possible. I’m going to proceed with the assumption that you know exactly why this would get Jack moving.

Jack and Hurley leave the Temple and stumble across Kate. This is only important because Kate tells Jack that she “hopes he finds what he’s looking for”. Wow. Ever been a bigger hint that the Jack-Kate love story is on permanent hiatus?

Okay, the Lighthouse. It’s fairly obvious what the lighthouse is for and it isn’t to guide in boats. This is no doubt where Jacob (and whomever else) could watch people from afar. It’s very God-like, isn’t it? No doubt that all of the crossed out names are people that Jacob watched and, at some point, decided weren’t Candidates…whatever the hell that is.

Jacob told Hurley to turn the wheel to 108, which will supposedly help someone find the Island. While they are doing it, Jack sees “Shephard” on the wheel right at number 23. They click to Jack’s number and, sure enough, there is his parent’s house reflecting in the mirrors of the light. Jack goes ballistic. He busts the mirrors. Some people see this as a bad thing. Nope, I think the fact that he emotionally exploded is a great, great thing, so let’s address that.

Earlier in the episode, Jack tells Hurley about finding his father’s empty casket, which happened way back in season one. In a fit of anger, Jack destroyed the casket. What happened next? Jack took charge of the Losties. He helped guide them, saved many of them, in an attempt to keep everyone safe.

See where I’m going with this? Jacob knew this and he probably knew that Jack would destroy the lighthouse or at least react in a similar fashion. Jacob knows the best way to get a motivated Jack Shepherd is to let him work it all out for himself, which is why Jack is left alone to stare out at nothing.

How about the other wheels off child of Christian Shepherd? Poor Claire has been living quite the life. She’s got a nice tent, booby traps, and a sweet looking animal skeleton dressed up like a baby. She’s completely off her rocker and incorrectly thinks that the folks at the Temple stole Aaron. She was told this by her “friend”. Turns out, that friend is none other than Flocke. Claire knows it’s not Locke, which she tells to a much-jacked up Jin. Claire is being duped, just like Ben.

So it looks like Flocke has two people on his team right now in Sawyer and Claire. At some point, I’m guessing that Sayid goes nuts as well and sides with Flocke. It’s obvious that there is going to be a confrontation between Flocke’s people and…well…everyone else.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got from last week’s episode. Hopefully, it won’t take me a full week this time.

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