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It’s Too Late For Sayid…But Never Too Late For Cinematically Correct’s “Lost” Thoughts

All work & no play makes Sayid a dull boy.

“You’re a killer, Sayid.”

It appears that when Ben Linus told that to Sayid, he was 100% correct. Last night’s episode of “Lost” has left me quite staggered and even more in awe of the fearless turn the series has taken. After all this time and investment in characters like Sayid and Claire, it turns out that they aren’t really that great of people in the end…or are they? There could still be hope for Claire, but Sayid is long, long gone and I don’t think he’s coming back.

If there is anything I know for certain, it’s that last night’s episode, “Sundown”, was very upsetting for my mother. She’s been a huge Sayid supporter from day one and it’s tough to see him fully embrace his dark side. Sure, he’s been doing some dirty work for quite a long time, but there was always what seemed a justifiable reason behind all of it. As an Iraqi soldier, he was doing his job. He was avenging Nadia’s death as he travelled the world over, murdering people for Ben. Last night, Sayid proved that he did all those terrible things simply because he is able to do them.

The poor bastard can’t even catch a break in the New Past. The love of his life, Nadia, is married to his brother. It seems that Sayid pushed her away in an effort to protect her from his inner demons, which is probably an honorable move. In Sayid’s New Past, his life isn’t so great but Nadia is alive, safe, and reasonably happy. Is that truly Sayid’s destiny? Making Nadia safe and sound? Maybe.

Of course, Sayid’s dry cleaner idiot brother isn’t so smart or as tough as Sayid. Turns out, he’s borrowed some cash from some unruly ruffians and he wants Sayid to, as we Italians say, “straighten them out”. Initially, Sayid refuses to rough these people up, but after they beat his brother within an inch of his life, he has second thoughts.

Quick hit: Did Jack recognize Sayid in the hospital because they were recently on a flight together or because of the Island? I think we know the answer to that one…especially after what Sayid found in a meat locker.

It turns out that Sayid’s brother owed money to none other than our old child-killing pal Martin Keamy. My first complaint is to whomever decides to list actors in the opening credits. I avoid all spoilers and they stick the name Kevin Durand in the credits, thus ensuring that I’m not surprised when Keamy shows up. Weak sauce people.

Keamy and Sayid disagree whether Sayid’s bro owes him any more cash, so instead of continuing their conversation, Sayid decides to jump one of Keamy’s goons, take his gun and go about killing them both. Keamy pretty much begs for Sayid to forget about everything, the money, the beating his brother took, all of it. Instead of walking away, knowing he had won, Sayid puts a bullet in Keamy’s chest.

That was when I knew it was all over for Sayid. No matter future or past is presented to him, Sayid never fails to resort to violence. Once we get around to the Island portion of “Sundown”, Sayid proves this over and over again. He’s simply a flawed person, that when presented with a chance to redeem himself, continues to fail.

Quick hit: People are assuming that Jin was in Keamy’s freezer because he was taking money to Keamy. I’m not so sure. What if Jin borrowed money from Keamy, just like Sayid’s brother? Could be. Regardless, the New Past is going somewhere and the Losties are going to be brought back together somehow. There are ten hours left before the final…plenty of time to get to it.

On the Island, Sayid gets to show off all the different ways he knows how to attack and/or maim people. He immediately gets into a fight with Dogen, who pretty much whipped Sayid. Instead of killing Sayid when he had the chance, he stopped and instead, banished him from the Temple.

While Sayid is packing up, Flocke sends Claire into the Temple to tell Dogen that Flocke wants to see him. Dogen refuses and instead, asks Sayid to kill Flocke. Since I know there is no chance of Flocke being killed at this point in the season, I assumed that Sayid was being sent to his death so I wasn’t shocked when stabbing Flocke didn’t work.

Quick hit: Dogen tells Sayid that Flocke is trapped. When it’s known that Smokey just wants to leave the Island and he cannot do it until all of Jacob’s people are killed, you can say you knew about it here first.

Now, I was particularly shocked when Sayid did what Flocke wanted and told the people at the Temple to basically leave or be killed. This sends the Temple folks into quite the tizzy and many decide to bail.

During the panic, Kate learns that Claire is there and goes to see her. This conversation does not go well once Kate tells Claire that she raised Aaron. One would think that Claire would be okay with this, since Kate specifically says she was there to saver her and get her back to Aaron. Nope, no dice. Claire is beyond pissed and still looks like she’s going to kill Kate.

Now comes one of the most brutal things to ever happen on “Lost”. Sayid confronts Dogen. He wants to know why he didn’t just kill him himself. It has nothing to do with rules or whether Sayid is a Candidate. Dogen feels guilt for the drunk driving crash which resulted in the death of his son, which makes me believe that Dogen simply doesn’t want to kill anyone else. Instead of feeling pity or sorrow for Dogen, after being asked if he would like to leave or stay, Sayid says he would like to stay and drowns Dogen in the spring. From this point on, the Sayid we were all used to and grown to know does not exist.

Need more proof? Sayid slices Lennon’s throat mere seconds after drowning Dogen. Just like Claire, he has completely checked out of Hotel Reality.

Chaos ensues. Smokey plows through the Temple, murdering everyone that is left behind. Kate tries to rescue Claire, but almost gets killed in the process. Thanks to the just arriving rescue team of Ilyana, Lapidus (still sans goatee), Sun, and Ben, Miles is able to escape.

Ben tries to retrieve Sayid and get him out of the Temple. The second jarring moment had me actually fearing for Ben Linus. When Sayid turned and said, “Not for me”, I thought Ben was dead. Why? Have you ever seen Ben look like that? He was truly terrified of what he saw and heard.

Flocke patiently waits for his new minions Claire and Sayid to stroll out of the Temple. When Kate followed them out, Flocke looked pleasantly surprised, almost like he is gaining another foot soldier that he didn’t expect.

Phew. “Sundown” was quite the assault on the nerves. It is definitely my favorite hour of season six so far. It felt very “Empire Strikes Back”-ish in that the bad guys are winning in a big, big way. Flocke has gotten Ben, Claire, and Sayid to kill others for him when he couldn’t do it himself. Oddly enough, John Locke did the same thing when he tricked Sawyer into murdering Locke’s father, Anthony Cooper. That fact, among others, has me very worried for Saywer, who I want to see redeemed in the worst way.

So what’s next? The previews look like we get a Ben-centric episode. It also mentioned Ben’s demise, which I think is quite a ways off, if it happens at all. There is no way they take Ben out next week right? I mean…it’s Ben Linus…he’s got to make it to the very end…right? I mean…please let him make it?

  1. losty za
    March 3, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    I think whoever died on the island was meant to die, whether they were on the island or not. eg. Keamy and Omar were meant to die; so they died in the flash sideways, too. Nadia will probably die as well.

    Maybe Jack always had a son.
    Perhaps the child’s mother did not inform him of this in the normal timeline; but in the sideways timeline she gives him visitation rights.

  2. jenchic
    March 3, 2010 at 8:18 PM

    our mother was a train wreck about sayid.
    she’s at a loss. she must have said “oh no! not sayid!” 1,000+ times!!

  3. rosa
    March 3, 2010 at 9:09 PM

    I too am a train wreck… I love Sayid , he is my favorite character.

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