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Why I Have Avoided “Avatar”…Until Today

Today, I see “Avatar”. There are a few reasons why I am finally going to check it out, most notably being the fact that I start a new job on Monday and had this entire week off. Basically, this is an effort to get me out of the house in order to avoid insanity.

But why did I not want to see “Avatar”? Here are some of my reasons:

  • I cannot handle James Cameron. I was so irritated that “Titanic” swept the Oscars over the much better and more deserving “L.A. Confidential”, that I swore off Cameron’s future films. Luckily for me, “Avatar” is his follow up to “Titanic”.
  • I have no interest in movies shot entirely in front of a huge blue screen. See, I like my movies to have legit dialogue and real, you know, acting. For my money, the first 30-minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” is much more technically impressive than watching cartoon blue people run around in the jungle.
  • I’m not going to open this can of worms up…but I know what the underlying agenda is in “Avatar” and lets just say that I don’t agree.
  • Who decided that Sam Worthington was a big star? Not me. Actually, I just watched “Terminator Salvation” and he’s fairly bland in it. Sure, he’s playing a robot but Arnold did it with more pizazz than this guy.
  • It pisses me off to know that $700 million plus worth of humans go to check this movie out, but movies like “A Single Man”, “A Serious Man”, “(500) Days Of Summer”, etc. are completely overlooked by movie goers. It’s really pretty messed up.
  • I just flat out don’t care for the big budget, blow everything up action movies these days. They never have a good story and they are all such cliched, mind-numbing wastes of time.

I’ll get my review up shortly afterwards, but fair warning…I’ll probably hate it. It is my first 3D movie, which I am actually looking forward to so that’s a plus.

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