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Heavy Quick Music Hits! The Lips, The Stripes, The Vampires…Oh, Betty White Too

There hasn’t been a run of great new albums in quite some time. Sure, I’m obsessing over Local Natives, but it’s hardly made a serious dent on the music scene. Since I haven’t had any music talk here for awhile, here’s a few quick hits:

  • The White Stripes are releasing a live album titled “Under Great White Northern Lights” on March 16th. The album is for a concert film with the same title that covers their 2007 Canadian tour. You know…the one in which they played a small show on a boat. Oh, if you follow the link here, you can listen to the album online.
  • On a side note, if you haven’t seen the documentary “It Might Get Loud”, see it. Even if you aren’t a music geek, you should dig it. It had me on permagrin for two hours. You really haven’t lived until you see Jack White build a guitar out of two pieces of wood and an empty Coke bottle.
  • This Saturday, I will see The Flaming Lips perform “Dark Side Of The Moon”. This will no doubt be sick. The Flaming Lips’ movie “Christmas On Mars”…was not sick. It may have actually made my wife sick instead. This is not stopping Wayne Coyne from moving forward with another movie. This time, Wayne is hoping to pull in bigger stars than Fred Armisen. He claims to be in talks with Justin Timberlake…which is actually quite awesome sounding.
  • Everyone is talking about how great Vampire Weekend was on SNL this past weekend. Sure, “Cousins” was fun and cool…but “Giving Up The Gun”? So, so boring. I’m just not a fan of the song or a performance that had the majority of the band not playing instruments. The best music of the night was the piano performance of Zach Galifianakis. Greatness.
  • Speaking of SNL…Betty White has confirmed she will appear on the show at some point this year.
  • Finally…in news to only excite reverb-loving, country rock fans, Band Of Horses will release “Infinite Arms” on May 18th.
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