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Are There Any Good Movies Opening Today?

It’s a sad state of affairs when a Paul Greengrass-directed, Matt Damon-starring film is getting some pretty iffy reviews. “Green Zone” is only at 51% favorable right now and most reviews use the word “cliched”. Yikes, not good. If you toss in too much Greengrass Shake Cam, it could turn me off altogether.

“Remember Me”? I would rather be tortured by Sayid Jarrah than see this. Yes, Emilie de Ravin of “Lost” fame is in it…but who cares. If she isn’t crying or screaming about her babee, then I’m not interested. Don’t get me started on this spare Robert Pattinson. Have I seen anything with him other than that Harry Potter flick? No, I haven’t. Am I forming an unfair opinion of him? Yes. He sucks.

So, the winner appears to be “She’s Out Of My League” starring Apatow-vet Jay Baruchel. It’s reviews aren’t that fantastic but I’m interested in seeing Baruchel in a starring role. He consistently steals scenes in movies he appears in and he probably deserves a shot at the big time. What if this is his “Knocked Up”? That flick sent Seth Rogen into stardom, so why can’t this?

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