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Cinematically Correct Has Done The Research & Sawyer Deserved A Bit More Than “Recon”

Okay, I’m going to get myself in trouble here…but last night’s “Recon” episode of “Lost”? Meh. How can a show with only nine remaining episodes make it seem like they are treading water? I’m not going to get too critical because last night is still better than at least 50% of all scripted dramas on TV right now. As far as “Lost” goes, this one was a bit of a letdown.

The fact that “Recon” focused on Sawyer made it’s slowness even more upsetting. I do think that Josh Holloway has quickly become one of the more memorable actors in the entire series, as he plays Sawyer just as well as Michael Emerson’s Ben or Terry O’Quinn’s Locke. Last night did give Holloway a chance to show the full range of Sawyer, which was quite interesting. Unfortunately, the overall story arch didn’t seem to move forward at all, which is fairly insane considering there just isn’t much time left.

Sawyer’s New Past was fairly interesting. It seems that instead of turning to crime to hunt down Anthony Cooper, James Ford never became Sawyer. Instead, he became a cop. This was revealed in the initial flash scene and I had it pegged pretty much immediately. The real surprise was when Miles busted through the door and we found out that he and James were partners. This gave me warm and fuzzies as I think that Sawyer and Miles could star in their own show.

It seems that Miles is quite interested in his partner’s life, as he questions who he’s calling, how his vacation was, what underwear he’s wearing, everything. This struck me as odd because, well, guys don’t do that. I got over it and the next thing you know, Miles has set James up on a blind date with one of the six hot gingers on Earth, Charlotte Staples Lewis. Of course, the last time we saw Charlotte, she died of a nose bleed…or something like that.

After a quick horizontal mambo dance lesson, Charlotte comes across the Sawyer Revenge Packet in James’ t-shirt drawer. I don’t know about you, but I usually keep the proof that would eventually lead to my murder conviction in the sock drawer or at least under the mattress but that’s just me. My first problem here is that any moron would have gathered what that info was after looking at it for five seconds. Instead, Charlotte is clueless and James throws her out in the middle of the night. I’m no chick expert, but this will usually make any follow-up sex pretty non existent.

Side note: How many big time “Lost” geeks jumped off the couch when you saw Watership Down and A Wrinkle In Time? The answer is all of them.

When James gets to work the next day, he runs into Liam Pace who is looking for his brother, Charlie. No doubt Charlie is being held for narcotics possession. After blowing him off, James gets confronted by Miles. Again, why the hell is Miles checking out his credit card info? Unless Miles secretly loves him, this is fairly insane because nobody, even in “Lost” world, would ever do this.

Side note #2: Did anybody else see the parallel after James broke the mirror? Didn’t Jack just break a mirror too? Am I looking too much into all this mirror destruction? Certainly.

After watching a particularly sad moment from “Little House”, Sawyer puts down his TV dinner, picks up a sunflower and a sixer (keys to every gingers heart), and tries to apologize to Charlotte. She verbally kicks him in the crotch, then turns into a demon and eats him, which is a power that all gingers possess. Oh, just kidding gingers, I don’t believe all that talk that you are soulless.

Eventually, James comes clean and tells Miles all about Anthony Cooper and his parents’ deaths. To be honest, I would be interested in watching a series of flashes that follow James’ and Miles’ pursuit of Cooper. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see? Unfortunately, their convo was cut short when a car slammed into theirs. Mrs. Cinematically Correct immediately called it by saying, “It’s Kate”. Good job honey! James finally catches her and definitely recognizes her from the flight they were just on together…or is there more to it?

What does it all mean? Hell if I know. I’m certain that it means that Sawyer on the Island is going to end up on the Team Good Guy, whichever one that is. It seems like the people that are good in the New Past are all good on the Island. Maybe. All I know is that this has to go somewhere soon because I’m getting a little tired of not knowing and this being the final f’ing season and all.

The action on Island was, well, not all that great. Sure, there was a girlfight and lots of speeches from Flocke, but what really went down? Not much.

The first interesting info nugget is that Flocke doesn’t want everyone to know that he is Smokey. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have simply told Cindy that the Smoke Monster came and killed everyone at the Temple. While Flocke tells everyone this news, Claire grabs Kate’s hand. I had this move pegged. Claire is obviously crazy, but not insane. All that hand move was doing was trying to pull Kate’s guard down.

Eventually, Flocke tells all of his followers that they are going to make camp. Kate decides to see exactly how Sayid is doing. Needless to say, he sure doesn’t look so hot. I’d imagine that learning you’re truly a killer hangover isn’t an easy one to shake off. Claire decides to be a chump and grabs Kate from behind and tries to shiv her. While this move was not a surprise to me, Sayid’s complete indifference to Kate’s pleas for help was. I’m sorry Sayid fans (most notably, Mommy Cinematically Correct), he has completely checked out and it’s just not going to end happily for him.

Who should come to Kate’s rescue but Flocke. His scolding of Claire was pretty jarring, then it got disturbing once he freaking slapped her. Man, Kate is in a bad situation and for once, running is definitely her best option.

Where is Sawyer during all this commotion? He’s running errands for Flocke, who tells him to find the leftover passengers from the Ajira flight on Hydra Island. Once Sawyer gets to the Island, he finds a pile of bodies, drawing some serious flies. He then chases down some chick named Zoe, which kind of pissed me off. See, I’m tired of new characters. She had better just be some Widmore goon and that’s it. We have no time for Nikkis or Paulos anymore, know what I’m saying?

Zoe and some other clowns take Sawyer to Widmore’s sub, where we see a mysterious locked door. Oooohh. What’s locked up in there? Surely not a human being, right? I mean, would Widmore lock Desmond up and take him back to the Island because he is, you know, different? Whatever it is, I’m sure we won’t find out for another month or so.

Sawyer works out a deal with Widmore in which he will bring Flocke to him so that Widmore can kill him. For a bit, I actually believed him. Of course, Sawyer goes right back to Flocke and tells him about the deal, which makes more sense for Sawyer. I really think that Sawyer is still quite the wild card here. It’s tough to figure which direction he is going to go. Will he eventually do what is right and get on Team Jacob or is he really interested in honoring his deal with Flocke?

The episode ends with a familiar shot of Sawyer and Kate chatting fireside. Even though it was a fairly anti-climatic ending, I dug their little talk because it reminded me of season one. You know, a bunch of people sitting around the fire, just talking. Cool stuff.

Sadly, I don’t think things are going to end well for Sawyer. He has become such a tragic hero and universally beloved by almost every “Lost” fan. Seeing him as LaFleur and behaving heroically made him almost impossible to root against and Juliet’s death made just about every single person (especially chicks) adore him.

At some point, I think that Sawyer is going to sacrifice his own life in order to save the Losties. It may even be to save the world, who knows. The worst thing about this possibly happening is how perfect of an ending it would be for Sawyer. If this is what is going to happen, I’m dreading it and looking forward to it all at the same time. That will be a “Lost” cry of the highest order.

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