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Tonight, These “Stars” Will Dance Their Ass Off

I am proud to say that I have only watched one airing of “Dancing With The Stars”. It was the season finale when J. Peterman himself, John O’Hurley, danced in his Himalayan walking shoes…which of course made his feet feel resilient.Tonight, at the very least, I am DVRing the show. Why? My wife is a big Evan Lysachek fan.

Oh, that’s bullsh. It’s getting recorded for two reasons: Shannen Doherty and Erin Andrews. I suppose you could add me pulling for ultimate failure for Kate Gosslein and Pamela Anderson to that list as well. In fact, it straight up bothers me that those two ladies are famous. What are they famous for? Let’s see, Kate had a bunch of kids, big whoop. Pamela Anderson is famous for being a whore and I can’t stand the nookie girl.

So that’s why I’m going to record the show, then pull for Andrews or Doherty. Maybe Niecy Nash because she’s funny. Chad Ochocinco too, since he’s amusing. Oh, Aiden Turner too…who didn’t love “Desperately Seeking Susan”? Wait…not the right Aiden? I see.

Oh my God…I think I love this stupid dancing show. Please help.

  1. jenchic
    March 22, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    Now that’s MY big brother!!!
    I forgot to remind Mom to DVR it for me while i’m at school….will you call her & remind her for me?? please please please!!!
    **I am rooting for Erin Andrews. Maybe she’ll really take off as a dancer & i’ll ger her job.**

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