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This Overseas Poster For “Robin Hood” Makes Me Talk With My Hands

Eyyy! I like'a ta give'a to da poor'a!

True, professional critics aren’t supposed to blather on about how much they love this actor or musician or filmmaker or whatever. As you probably know, I am not a professional…well…anything. This is why it’s totally fine for me to voice my hero-worship of all things Ridley Scott. I love his films so much that I like his brother Tony’s movies too, even when they suck.

My unabashed love of Scott has led me to worship Russell Crowe as well, since they apparently can’t make movies without each other. That’s fine by me because every single flick they have made is totally kickass. Seriously, “Gladiator”, “American Gangster”, “Body Of Lies”…flipping greatness and Crowe not only rocks in each of them, he is a complete chameleon. Crowe is the best character actor working today, but in the body of a movie star.

Here is a foreign “Robin Hood” poster. Looks like it may be in Italian. It also looks like Crowe is going to whup your ass. If I made a list of my most anticipated 2010 flicks (which isn’t a bad idea), this is right near the top, if not #1.

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