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Cinematically Correct Thinks “The Package” Is The Best Jin & Sun Episode Ever, But…Oh, Sorry…36 Minutes Until “V”

Are they gonna find each other again or what?

You know it, I know it: “The Package” is the best Jin and Sun episode of “Lost” ever. While not every one is bad, their episodes are usually a bit of a down turn when compared to say, Desmond, Ben, or Locke. However, they do have their place and this couple has been with us since the beginning and I think that most fans want to see them turn out okay. After last night, I’m beginning to think that simply won’t be the case.

There were definitely a few questions regarding Jin and Sun’s New Past. First off, could Sun speak English? Turns out, nope, not a lick. When we last saw Jin in the New Past, he was tied up in strange freezers. How the hell did he get there. Why, Keamy put him there of course. Why aren’t Jin and Sun married? Screeeeech. Hit the brakes. Did anybody see that coming? Not this geek.

It turns out that the twenty-five large that Jin was delivering it the New Past was for “Lost” Uber-Villain Martin Keamy and it was meant to be payment for a hit…on Jin. Man, the nads on Sun’s pops huh? Not only does he want the guy that his daughter loves wasted, he sends him to the guy to deliver the payment and pull the trigger. Cold blooded buddy.

Payment turns out to be a huge problem since customs snagged the cash at LAX. Now, all the trip to LA for Jin and Sun turns into is an excuse to get it on without the watchful psychotic lazy eye of her dad in Korea. For reasons unknown, Sun’s dad doesn’t know about their involvement together and they want to keep it that way. To be honest, this doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, the only reason to keep it secret would be so that Jin wouldn’t be forced into the service of Mr. Paik right?

After a spending the night together, Jin and Sun wake up and have a brief conversation about taking some cash that she has hidden away and simply running away in the United States. Their convo is cut short after Keamy knocks on the door and tries to collect on the cash. Since Jin and Sun don’t speak English and Keamy barely does, Keamy gets some dude named Mikhail to come up and translate…

…Mikhail? You mean the eye-patch sporting Russian prick responsible for killing Charlie? That sumbitch? Yyyup, that one.

So Mikhail rolls in and they all decide that he’ll take Sun to the bank where she can bust out her ATM card and get Keamy his cash. In the meantime, Keamy takes Jin back to his restaurant, presumably to make eggs and get shot by Sayid. At the bank, Sun finds out that her dada shut down her super-secret account, thus no money for Keamy.

The real action is back at the restaurant. Keamy ties Jin up and duct tapes his mouth shut. Keamy gets all Bond-villainy and lays it all out for the non-English speaking Jin about how Mr. Paik wants him dead and that some people just aren’t supposed to be together. Of course, that’s not the million dollar question…

So…did Keamy say “just in case you figure out what’s about to happen to the Island“? That’s the million dollar question that I haven’t found an answer to as of this typing. If that Keamy bastard would stop mumbling we would know for sure, but alas, it’s all speculation at this point. Did he or didn’t he? If he did, what does it all mean? I have an answer, albeit probably incorrect.

I think that this New Past, particularly the last flash, spell problems for Jin and Sun on the Island. Sun is shot in the skirmish in which Mikhail loses an eye (nice touch). I don’t think she is going to survive the gunshot. If you combine this with the fact that she and Jin are not married in the New Past, thus meaning that her last name is Paik…well…

…you can scratch her off the list of Jacob’s Candidates. This is probably bad news for Island Sun too. It’s also probably not good news for Sun that Widmore seemed hellbent on getting Jin out of Flocke’s camp. I’m thinking that Jin is most definitely one of the Candidates.

While I really dug the New Past, much more than others, the action on the Island was what really topped this episode off. Right before Jin’s abduction, Flocke took off to go and try to get Sun to join his camp. Is there any doubt that Flocke needs all of the Candidates dead at this point? He’s got Sawyer, Sayid, and Jin. Once he gets the rest, I’m sure he plans on taking them all out at once. That Flocke is one evil bastard huh?

Flocke returns shortly after Jin’s abduction and he is fairly pissed off. He gets the newly 100% emotionless (and I think soon to be 100% dead) Sayid and they are off to find out what is locked up in Widmore’s submarine.

Right before he bails, Flocke does share some interesting info about Kate. Turns out, once he uses Kate to get Jack and Hurley, she is completely expendable. This of course scares me. Not because I am worried about Kate, but because I am afraid Sawyer will give his own life to protect her. I’ll be so bummed out if he goes down saving her.

Here’s where I think some New Past and Island stuff are starting to converge. So Sun can’t speak English when she smacks her head? No, no, don’t buy it. She can understand English, but I think that will be gone soon too. Why? The New Past is slowly becoming our Losties actual past. At some point, I think that this could happen to every Lostie.

How classic was the Flocke-Widmore confrontation? It sure seems like we may have been partially wrong about Widmore the entire time huh? He appears to be on Team Jacob all the way and he and Flocke are definitely about to go at it. It was a fantastic scene, but again, I just don’t think it’s going to end too well for Widmore. He’s done far too much crooked stuff, mostly messing with Desmond, for me and he needs to go down and go down hard.

Let’s get back to Jin, who gets to wake up in the crazy “A Clockwork Orange” brainwashing room. Remember way back when Karl was all strapped in there and his guard was Mac from “It’s Always Sunny”? Seems like so long ago.

Widmore wants to have a chat with Jin about all of the crazy electromagnetic pockets on the Island but before they talk, he gives Jin something he found on the Ajira plane. From the second the camera was visible, you had to know what was coming next but that shouldn’t have stopped the waterworks folks. Tell me you didn’t get weepy watching Jin see his daughter for the first time. Seriously. Tell me. You heartless bastard.

So anything else to talk about from “The Package”? Nope, think that about sums it up.

Oh, you know I’m just messing with you. Can the return of the third greatest Scotsman of all times (Connery, Wallace) be ignored? It should have been obvious once Widmore confirmed that the package was indeed a he, not an it. We’re talking the long, long awaited return of your favorite Constant, Desmond Hume. Which face was better, Desmond’s when he saw Sayid, Sayid’s when he saw Desmond, or mine as I giddily grinned from ear to ear? Well, you pick from the first two since you didn’t see mine but I promise you, it was almost as good as theirs.

What does Desmond’s return mean? Well, it’s obvious his return is not voluntary, which I kind of thought it would be. Is there any chance that Desmond has no idea what the hell is going on because Widmore brought him from the New Past? I think that is where it’s going and Desmond is going to be everyone’s Constant. At least…I think that I think that. I’m not sure.

I guess we’ll have to wait another week to find out if Desmond is still the Desmond that pushed the button or if his life turned out differently since the Island was at the bottom of the ocean. Wait! When do we find out about…whoops, gotta go. “V” is starting.

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  1. March 31, 2010 at 10:35 PM

    I love Desmond and was excited to see him back on the island, regardless of what capacity. It’s not surprising that he’s back at the hands of Widmore though.

  2. jenchic
    April 1, 2010 at 12:59 AM

    I actually started clapping & laughing when I saw Desmond!! He makes me sooo happy!!
    I cannot wait to see where all of this is going!

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