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Cinematically Correct TV Talk! The “24” Fishface, Floating Aliens On “V”, & Saying Bye To Brenda On “DWTS”

While I am still collecting my thoughts from the best Sun and Jin “Lost” episode ever, how about we talk a few other TV shows?


It’s been a real iffy season of “24” so far. I am probably being nice considering I spend the majority of the time mocking the show as I watch it. Don’t get me wrong, Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer is plenty awesome still but as soon as he is off screen, you can forget about it. Even my girl Chloe is fairly lame these days. She just scrunches her face up and whines for a full hour. It’s a serious beating. Don’t even get me started on Bubba Gump’s hunchback or Freddie Prinze Jr.’s annoying accent. It does help that as soon as President Hassan shows up, I yell out “Millionaire!” in a poor Indian accent.

However, if you are looking for the biggest dose of TV poison, look no further than Dana Walsh. This is by far the most annoying, idiotic, insanely developed character in the history of “24”, which is truly saying something. So this ex-con has created an identity that not only gets her into a job at a government defense agency, she is also a mole working for Islamic terrorists? Complete and total bulsh. To top it off, this Katee Sackhoff is a horrendously bad actress that looks like a fish. Wow…even I feel bad after that mean statement. I Googled her and she looks very pretty. I guess they uglied her up for “24”.

I will say that this past week’s episode was pretty stellar, other than the Dana Walsh stuff. That firefight in the tunnels was vintage “24” greatness. Hopefully, it will stay on that roll this week. Also…look for my DanaWalshMustDie hashtag on Twitter. I keep hoping it will catch on.


Talk about pulling the momentum emergency break. After what feels like a year, the first season of “V” continued last night. It almost felt like they had to do a reset last night and I just couldn’t get into it as much as I would have liked. Again, it’s a decent show and I like all the parallels it is drawing with potential government control and big brother, “1984” type stuff.

I’m still in due to the greatness of Elizabeth Mitchell. Anyone looking to cast her in a movie or a show should know that you have me as at least one guaranteed viewer and there are several other “Lost” junkies in that boat with me. The best thing about last night’s show was that we didn’t have to hear or see Tyler Evans, who is Mitchell’s Erica Evans’ son. Man, that kid is horrendously awful.

Morena Baccarin definitely stepped up the evil as the V leader, Anna. She had always been creepy, but last night really sealed the deal as far as who to hate on the show. If that final scene didn’t give you creepy crawlies…ugh.

Finally, a friend pointed out how bad the effects look on the show. Overall, they aren’t terrible but the interiors of the alien ship are really bad. The actors look like they are floating in the air. One would think they could have built a partial set or at least built an actual floor for the actors to stand on. This way, the floor is real and wouldn’t give each of those shots that float look. Maybe.

“Dancing With The Stars”

Way to go America. You booted Shannen Doherty and kept Kate Gosslein. Kate may actually be a V since she has already birthed an army that she uses for her own personal gain.

I have a theory on Pamela Anderson getting bad votes. See, middle American housewives love this show. They are conservative folks. These are people that don’t like Pam Anderson. They don’t like her because she is famous for her fake jugs, marrying white trash rock stars, then proceeding to bang said rock stars on camera. These are not things supported by Middle America. She’s in trouble and won’t last that long.

After careful consideration and judging, I’ve decided that Erin Andrews is indeed in first place in our hearts and minds.

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