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Forget Eryka Badu, Cinematically Correct Made A Guerilla-Style Nude Music Video Back In 1993

There are so many great albums coming up (Broken Social Scene, Band Of Horses, Hold Steady, Rufus), not to mention the greatness of April 17th, which is Record Store Day. Here are a few albums I’ve been listening to lately, including a re-review of the latest Spoon album.

Oh, I didn’t make a nude video. I know it was bothering you.

  • MGMT, “Congratulations”

So far, I like this album way, way more than “Oracular Spectacular”. That first album just seemed like it was too cool for school, where as this one is definitely way more experimental. Almost every single song sounds like two, or even three, different songs in a four minute span. The worse part about it is that I can’t get “Flash Delirium” out of my head.

  • Drive By Truckers, “The Big To-Do”

Hm, wonder what I think of the latest album from one of my favorite bands. It’s stellar. It’s way better than “Brighter Than Creations Dark”, but not quite as good as my favorite record from them, “The Dirty South”. I am a bit taken back by their constant songs about economic hardships while the entire band is decked out in Billy Reid gear from head to toe. Dude, those shirts ain’t cheap.

  • Spoon, “Transference”

As usual, I didn’t like this Spoon album after the first go round. Now it’s awesome. Why does this band insist on doing this with every single record? What a skill to make me so put out after one listen that I say I’ll never listen again, then by the fourth time, you profess its greatness.

  • Frightened Rabbit, “The Winter Of Mixed Drinks”

I’m a bit worried about this Scottish band. They could slowly be going into Snow Patrol territory…which means that they will then slowly go into U2 territory. That’s just icky. I’m just not interested in the quiet verse then explosive chorus arena rock tune anymore. This entire album avoids it for the most part, but it sneaks in there every now and then. Grrr…

  • Local Natives, “Gorilla Manor”

Go buy it now. I cannot say anymore or stress this enough.

  • She & Him, “Volume Two”

I really can’t go into all the reasons why this album is awesome without pissing my wife off. Umm…it’s really good?

  • Shearwater, “Golden Archipelago”

This band isn’t for everyone. They are about as dramatic sounding as you can get, but if you like heavily layered, melodic tunes with some fairly unique instrumentaion, along with…oh dear Lord I just went crosseyed.

  1. April 2, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    I really enjoy She & Him’s Volume Two as well. Extremely catchy.

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