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Cinematically Correct Has Magnets As A Hobby, Which Means I Loved “Happily Ever After”

How does every Desmond episode kick so much ass?

Who would have thought when we first met him, that Desmond Hume would become the guy that seems to be key to saving everyone. He first appeared in the second season’s first episode, ” Man Of Science, Man Of Faith” and, while he definitely was intriguing, did you expect him to become one half of the most beloved couple on “Lost”? Even with all the talk about constants, magnets, and scotch, it’s safe to say that the main reason we love Desmond is because of his relationship with Penny. Yep, this one’s gonna be sappy.

Every single Desmond-centric episode has changed the way we think about “Lost”. “Happily Ever After” is no different. For the first time, one of the Losties is aware of what is happening on the Island in the present and in the New Past. Mrs. Cinematically Correct was wondering if Des had visited the Dali Llama since he has received total consciousness. Indeed he has.

To be honest, I’m surprised that upon waking up, Desmond didn’t just pummel Charles Widmore without even saying a word. I mean, the guy has done nothing but give Desmond a hard time and now, he’s drugging him? That’s a new low dude. Once Chuck tells him that they are on the Island, it’s on like Donkey Kong and Desmond tries to beat him to death with a metal stick. So, Desmond’s not pleased.

There’s no doubt that Widmore, like Charlie Kelly of Paddy’s Pub, is a big fan of magnets. So much so, that he had Zoe and Seamus build a sauna with huge magnetic coils in it instead of those funky rocks. Jin gets to stand by and watch the test of the magnet sauna. The test goes wheels off as they accidentally fry some guy in there when they really wanted to torch a bunny rabbit. Two days after Easter even. Tsk tsk.

After dragging Desmond into the wooden box and tying him up, Widmore lets him know that once their finished with their little experiment, Desmond is going to have to make a sacrifice. Then, I felt bad for Widmore. Just like he said, there have been plenty of things that Widmore has sacrificed for the Island. Maybe Widmore, like Ben, had good intentions with his poor actions. You know, like sending Keamy to the Island to kill everyone.

So they slam the door shut, lock Desmond in, and Widmore flips the switch. Desmond gets magnetized or zapped or flux capacitored…then wakes up at LAX. At first, I thought this would be a situation like in “The Constant”, in which Desmond would be aware that he was in the past. Alas, this is just like every other Losties New Past and Desmond is not aware of the Island.

We of course find out that he isn’t aware after Hurley tells him where their baggage claim is for Flight 815. It is then further cemented after his conversation with Claire, which was amusing but not too revealing. So far, just like the other episodes, which I would describe as interesting and clever, just not very informative.

That all changed once Desmond picked up Charlie Pace. It turns out that Desmond works for Charles Widmore. We learn during an awkward conversation with Desmond’s driver, Minkowsi (another cool returning character), that Desmond is not married, rich, and quite the world traveler. Minkowski drives him to Widmore’s office and after a quick meeting, Widmore sends Des to bail Charlie Pace out of jail and take him to a concert that his wife is putting on. Flimsy setup? A bit contrived? Yes and yes.

Upon walking out of jail, Charlie goes across the street to a bar. You know, those bars that are always across the way from police stations. Ahem. So Desmond goes in and Charlie tells him about his near-death experience and the vision that he had. He describes seeing a blond woman that he knew he was in love with. He says that what he has seen is something real. Of course, we know that the woman he is talking about is Claire.

Then, Charlie’s wheels really come flying off. They hop in Desmond’s sweet ride, crank up some Drive Shaft, then Charlie gives Desmond the choice of being shown his vision or getting out of the car. Des isn’t interested in stopping, so Charlie grabs the wheel and they drive into the harbor.

Desmond is able to swim to the surface, then he goes back down to help Charlie. He gets to the driver side window, Charlie puts his hand on the glass, and then all of our brains get blown all over our face. Tell me you didn’t get giddy when Desmond saw the flash of Charlie in the Looking Glass station? Desmond is able to pull Charlie from the car and, just like old times, he saves Charlie.

After being examined at the hospital, Desmond is given an MRI. No doubt, the machine’s magnetism sets off Desmond’s super-brain and he sees several flashes of his life with Penny, featuring his son, Charlie. He freaks, hits the panic button (nice), and sets off to find Charlie.

Des bumps into Jack, who he remembers from the flight, at the hospital and right as he asks him for help in finding Charlie, he comes running by in his hospital gown. After chasing his down, Charlie tells Desmond that he wasn’t trying to kill him, but show him something. Charlie says none of this matters. Desmond asks if he knows who Penny is, Charlie doesn’t, and he simply walks away.

Since Widmore’s is pissed that Charlie won’t be playing his wife’s concert (again, weak setup), he makes Desmond go apologize. Naturally, Eloise Hawking is Widmore’s wife. She is quite nice to Desmond, until he starts asking about Penny, whose name is on the party invite list. Then, she goes into spooky, I know something you don’t Eloise mode. She tells him that he can’t see the list because he’s not ready yet. Say what?

It’s definitely the first appearance of a Michael Jackson fedora on “Lost” once Daniel Widmore (or Faraday) shows up to talk to Desmond. He tells him that he mysteriously woke up one night and started writing down quantum mechanics equations in a notebook. It makes no sense to him since he’s a musician.

So how does Daniel, like Charlie, have a feeling that he has done something already? How does he know that he did, in fact, set in motion the detonation of an atomic bomb. You know what? I have no freaking idea and I can’t, for the life of me, even come up with one. I’ve been trying since last night and I’ve got a big, huge bag of nothing on that subject.

Oh, Daniel also tells a story about falling in love at first sight with a red-headed woman, which made my wife cry. We are such “Lost’ babies.

Finally, Daniel tells Desmond that Penny is his half-sister and where to find her. Penny is running the steps at the same stadium where we first met Desmond and he first met Jack. He asks if she is Penny and then shakes her hand…

…pow. He wakes up in the magnet sauna box. Widmore walks in and tells Desmond that he needs him in order to save everyone and without blinking an eye, he is ready to rock. Of course, he gets interrupted when Sayid pulls his normal jungle cat move, jumps out of the trees, and snaps the necks of a few guys walking with Desmond. Lucky for Zoe, Sayid was in a giving mood and he tells her to run. He tells Desmond that Widmore and his peeps aren’t safe and Desmond just kind of shrugs and agrees to go with him. Dude, if you knew that Sayid has killed like fifty people in the last 24 hours, you wouldn’t go with him.

Then, we get the strange flashback whoosh and Desmond is knocked out on the ground. He sure must love Penny because her handshake knocked his ass out. He gets up and asks Penny out for coffee. She agrees and Desmond goes back to his car. He asks Minkowski if he could track down the passenger manifest for Flight 815 because he needs to show them something. I really don’t know what he needs to show them, but it will be quite tricky since it seems to involve putting them in near-death situations.

The good news is that we finally have a connection between the Island and the alt-timeline/New Past. The even more kickass part of that is the connection is Desmond. Now, if you have any idea how this is all going to tie together, I’m all ears. Normally, I can speculate a little bit, but this has me completely speechless and unable to form any kind of idea. I’ve read other people’s thoughts on this episode and I still come up empty.

The only thing I know for certain is that waiting a week for the next episode is killing me.

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