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Cinematically Correct Knows Why Desmond Ran Over John Locke? Do You Wanna Know?

Throw Some Ben Linus In This PIcture & You've Got The "Lost" Top Three

If you are still having trouble realizing that the end is near for “Lost”, you are a very confused person. This couldn’t be any more apparent once Ilana blew up. While her death isn’t surprising, the manner in which it happened is and if anything, it shows that “Lost” isn’t afraid to take somebody out at anytime. I mean, this happened ten minutes into the episode for crying out loud.

Based on the title, it’s obvious that last night was going to be all about Hurley. Of course, if the people who decide on the names that show up in the credits could keep their act together, it may have actually been a surprise to see Libby and Michael return. Instead, ABC lets us all know by sticking Harold Perrineau and Cynthia Watros’ names in the opening credits. Come on ABC, you’ve dropped the ball so many times with “Lost” (moving nights every season, the “V” clock, etc.), at least keep these names out so we don’t see what is coming. Please?

Does Dr. Chang work for the rich and successful (not to mention lucky) Hugo Reyes in the New Past? No, he just is the emcee at an award ceremony in which Hurley is the recipient. Coolest part of this bit? Jorge Garcia’s chihuahua met an appearance in the slides that Dr. Chang was narrating. See, you would know this if you read Jorge’s blog, which has a link to the right. Of course, don’t click that yet, keep trucking here people.

After the ceremony, Hurley’s annoying mom tells him that he needs some strange ass, which is always a strange conversation for a mom to have with her son. I mean, “Hey son, you need to get some tail“? Awkward at best. Best part of this conversation? Why, Hurley is going to be given an award from The Human Fund. I wonder if Costanza is presenting?

Okay okay, I’ll try to cut back on the shtick here. It’s tough not to when you are dealing with a Hurley episode. It’s impossible not to find this guy hilariously funny. We are coming up on the goods after all.

Hurley agrees to a blind date that was set up by said annoying mom, which is just a terrible idea from the start. Did anybody expect Libby to roll up? Not I. Once she started going on about knowing him, I knew that we would definitely be seeing Desmond show up in Hurley’s world.

How he is doing it or why is still up for debate, but Desmond has become every Lostie’s guardian angel. Well…sort of. That last interaction Des had with an 815er was way different than the talk he had with Hurley at Mr. Cluck’s. Desmond is now the guide and he needs to get these people back on track somehow. He obviously has some sort of knowledge of who and what they need to do in order to remember what happened on the Island in the future…or the past…what would it be at this point? Oh yeah, it’s kickass storytelling and that’s all that really matters right?

Once Des gets Hurley straightened out, he tracks Libby down at the looney bin. It turns out, Libby saw him in his Mr. Cluck’s commercials and experienced the same thing Desmond and Charlie have spoken about prior to this. She started remembering things and, most of all, she remember that she like Hurley. Naturally, this made Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I weepy.

Since Libby was a voluntary patient, Hurley takes her on a date and they go to the beach. More weeping. Once Hurley questioned how somehow as pretty as Libby could want to be with him, the waterworks really opened up in this household. That kiss was set to throw me into full-on emotional upheaval but then, the freaking flashes pop up. This shut down my tear ducts and made my geek pants fly across the room. Even more so when we find out that Desmond had been watching the two of them until he knew for certain that Hurley remembered the Island.

What does it all mean? I have no freaking clue. I can’t even conjure up a thing. The only thing that I could possibly think up is that the New Past is really what is going to happen to the Losties. Maybe? I mean, things aren’t all bad for them. Well…other than Sun, Sayid, and Kate. That is the reason that I think the three of them are in serious trouble to make it out of this thing alive.

Of course, there was one final scene with Desmond in the New Past that potentially shoots holes in that previous paragraph. I’ll get to that insanely shocking moment later…and exactly why Desmond did what he did.

Island life is getting back to the insanity to which we had grown accustomed isn’t it? Right off the bat, Hurley gets to talk to dead Michael. I don’t think that Michael was trying to get Hurley to get Alpert to not blow up the plane as much as he is trying to get Hurley to lead. See, I’ve got the feeling that Hurley is going to take Jacob’s place. Why? Well…why not?

Next up…Ilana blows up. You could see it coming from a mile away, but it was quite startling. Naturally, Richard wants to get more dynamite from the Black Rock. Since Hurley thinks its fun to do bad things, he decides to blow up the Black Rock in an effort to prevent them from blowing up the plane. This causes a rift in this little group and Richard, Ben, and Miles bail to complete Operation Plane Explosion.

What does Hurley want to do? For some insane reason, he wants to go talk to Flocke. Jack, Sun, and Frank decide to go along with him. On their way there, we get a bit of what I think is to come from Jack. He is finally letting go of things, which is what Jack thinks the Island wants him to do.

Their chat is interrupted by the whispers. You know what I mean. Hurley goes to look for them and out pops Michael. Then, we get another answer to an age old question: What the hell are the whispers? Turns out, they are dead people who can’t move on. They are stuck on the Island. Michael points them towards…

…Flocke’s camp. We’ll have to rewind a bit here since I haven’t gotten to the nail-biting moments of “Everybody Loves Hugo”. I don’t think I have enjoyed a character’s behavior more than I did watching Desmond confidently walk and talk with Flocke. Every single moment they had on screen together was so brilliantly intense that I could hardly stand it. I don’t want to constantly toot this show’s horn…but man has this season been amazing.

Okay, first question: Does Desmond really think that is John Locke? I don’t think there’s a chance of that at all. Last week, Desmond gave off the appearance of a guy that knew exactly what he was doing back on the Island and how he was to go about doing it. Because of that, I think he knows who Flocke is and just doesn’t want to tell him.

Question two: Why was Desmond able to see the blond kid? Remember, Alpert couldn’t see the kid but Sawyer could. What makes them so special and not Alpert? Sawyer is a Candidate, so does that mean Desmond is as well? I don’t think he is, but Desmond definitely has some sort of power that is related to the Island.

I don’t have good answers to those questions. I do have a great answer to question number three. Why isn’t Desmond afraid? Of course, Desmond’s answer pissed Flocke right off and he pushed him into a well. He probably got angry that Desmond’s answer of “there’s no point to being afraid” sounded so Jacob-like that he couldn’t take another second of Desmond’s arrogance.

Desmond isn’t afraid because he knows what is going to happen. He knows that the Island is going to end up at the bottom of the ocean. He knows that he is going to meet Penny while she jogs steps. He knows that Hurley is going to meet Libby and they are going to be together. Desmond also knows that Jack Shepard is going to make John Locke walk again.

Mark my words: John Locke will stand at his wedding and it will be because Jack Shepard fixed him. Desmond ran John over so that he would be forced to go to the hospital and he would be forced to meet Jack. Jack, the spinal surgeon, is going to fix Locke’s back. Naturally, this will also cause them both to remember the Island.

The world has a way of correcting itself, but sometimes it needs a little push. Desmond gave it that push.

I really can’t believe that all of this is almost over. I can’t really even guess how much I’m going to miss “Lost”.

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    Wow, nice thoughts!

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