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After A Dose Of Penicillin, Cinematically Correct Has Overcome Writer’s Block & Written About “The Last Recruit”

Miss the real Locke? Jack should have enough Island obsession to fill that void for ya.

There has been some writers block of the highest order at Cinematically Correct. I’ve got a few movies to write about, some TV shows, and more importantly, I haven’t come up with anything on “The Last Recruit”. At this point, I have internally debated even writing one up at all. As a geek that prides himself on his “Lost” knowledge, this episode had me floored while watching it and intimidated while thinking about writing about it.

So what’s the big deal? Oh, not much. Just explosions, Desmond in a well, Desmond at a law office, Jack meeting his half-sister Claire on the Island and in the New Past, Sun and Locke at the hospital, Sun and Jin finally hugging, Ilana looking hot, Sawyer arresting Sayid, Sayid looking scary and sad, Sawyer arresting Sayid…get the picture here? As Crash Davis once said, “We are dealing with a lot of s***.”

It looks like many things are coming to a head in the New Past and much of it is definitely going down at Dr. Jack Shepard’s hospital. The question is, what is going to be the trigger for the Losties? Do they all have to kiss Libby or something? It doesn’t look like Sun needed to because the second she saw John Locke on that gurney, she freaked out. There is no other explanation for her saying “It’s him…it’s him” than, like Desmond and Hurley, she is up to speed with both Island and New Past stuff. Speaking of him, it looks like Desmond’s hit and run is not only going to get Locke to the hospital, but Dr. Ben Linus as well.

The other Losties toiling around in the New Past will probably get together at a police station since Sawyer and Miles have already arrested Kate. It looks like Sawyer and Miles are quite the dynamic duo since they were previously working some sort of con artist case and now, they are sent after Sayid who is wanted for the murder of Keamy and his boys. So after Miles and Sawyer track Sayid down at Nadia’s house, it becomes fairly obvious that this group will all get together at some point.

While intriguing and fun to watch, the majority of the New Past was very procedural. However, once Desmond walked into that lobby to speak with Claire, it got interesting. After Desmond talked Claire into speaking with an attorney about adoption paperwork and that attorney turned out to be Ilana, it got very interesting. Throw in the fact that Ilana happens to be representing Christian Shepard at the reading of his will, well, that’s when my face melted.

Jack and his son David have to bail on the reading of the will because, you guessed it, Jack is called to the hospital to operate on John Locke. He quite naturally recognizes John from LAX, not from the Island…yet. When is it going to happen? Now, when Sun woke up and Jin told her the baby was okay, I’m thinking that Sun has had her awakening due to her near death experience. Once Jack fixes Locke up, I think Locke will have had his as well.

It’s actually kind of boring isn’t it? Oddly enough, I was extremely interested in the New Past during “The Last Recruit”. I’m kind of hoping that Locke will get see the flash of the Island and have to go about convincing Jack, just like he had been doing for the entirety of the series. After the Jack and Locke conversations in this episode on the Island, I forgot how much I loved watching the two of them verbally spar.

As been the norm during the final season of “Lost”, the real action has been on the Island. From the second that Jack and Locke went off to have their private chat, it was apparent that we had a winner of an episode on our hands. It was probably obvious to most hardcore fans by now that the Christian Shepard we saw running around way back in season one was the Smoke Monster/Man In Black and it was nice of Flocke to give us an answer on that one. What wasn’t so nice was hearing Flocke call Locke stupid and a sucker. This had me pissed right off.

At last count, just about every Lostie has had a moment in the sun in which they realized their faults and have overcome them. Did John Locke get that moment? Was he really just a sucker? I’d like to think not. I’m really hoping that somehow the real Locke is going to prove that his belief in faith was right and he’ll get to stick it to the Man In Black.

It was fun to see Sawyer organize his little Flocke revolt, even if it was destined to fail. Was anyone else nervous as Claire had that rifle pointed at Kate? I was fairly convinced that she was going to shoot her. Sawyer had gotten everyone of Jacob’s candidates together (maybe, is it Jin or Sun?), except for Sayid, who was sent by Flocke to kill Desmond. Why did Flocke want him dead at that point? I think he decided that they should just kill him because it became obvious to him how important Des was to Widmore.

“Lost” has managed to find a way for me to like Desmond even more, which is tough since I already thought he was the bee’s knees. I get the feeling that Desmond knows exactly what is going to happen, which is the reason for his calm behavior regardless of the insanity surrounding him. How else could Desmond know exactly which card to play on Sayid The Crazy to keep him from shooting him? He most definitely knows what is going on in the New Past and on the Island.

So, did anybody else think that Jack would be waving his Man Of Faith Flag so proudly? Jack sure has changed completely, other than the fact that once he makes his mind up, he sticks with it. He didn’t want to leave the Island and, to prove it, he jumped right off of Sawyer’s newly acquired boat. For the first time in a long time, I think that Jack was right. Well, he is at least right in the fact that he is not supposed to leave the Island. I’m getting the feeling that Jacob had Jack in mind as his replacement.

After Jack jumped off the boat, it led us to the first hugely emotional moment of this season…and I feel like they really dropped the ball on this one. Jin and Sun were finally reunited and we were treated to this beautiful moment…for about five seconds. They barely got to share four words before they were forced to the ground by Widmore’s goons. It just felt like a very important, emotional moment was completely glossed over.

It was a bit odd to see Flocke help Jack from the beach after they were bombed by Widmore. I’ve always had this idea in my head that Jack and Locke would eventually see their error in both their ways, accept each others beliefs, and come together to defeat…to defeat…well, whatever the hell is going on. Is it really possible that Jack is Flocke’s last recruit? It’s been tough to see Sayid act the way he has, can you even imagine Jack losing all humanity?

The word is that we will soon see an episode (not this week of course) that will completely spell out what the Island is, how Jacob and the Man In Black came to be, et cetera. As “Lost” is a big fan of spelling out current situations via flashbacks, I’m thinking that this will also explain what is happening in the present on the Island.

So it’s a day late and a dollar short (and not particularly funny or informative), but it’s my “Lost” talk for the week. There’s just a big creative spell for me right now, which could be due to the fact that it feels like the Smoke Monster has attacked my sinuses for the past week and a half. I was going to irradiate my skull in an effort to protect me from Smokey, but doctors have advised against that. But really, what do they know? Have they dealt with a Smoke Monster Sinus Attack before? I think not.

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