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Cinematically Correct Has Wiped Away The Tears Long Enough To Tell You How Kickass “The Candidate” Was

They finally got the band back together...then immediately broke up.

As I sit to write this, it just hit me, what the hell am I going to write about in four weeks? Am I going to have to actually look for stories, form an opinion, then put said opinion into words? Man that sounds hard. Is that what regular bloggers do?

In all seriousness, if “The Candidate” didn’t make you realize that the end is near for “Lost” then you need a wake up call. That episode was as subtle as a jackhammer. While there is much sadness and loss to discuss, the episode also marked the return of Jack Shephard being first season Jack, when he was at his best. It was good to see Matthew Fox get to show that he truly is fantastic as Jack. It also helped that the New Past was just as good as what was happening on the Island.

So what could have made “The Candidate” more depressing? Shoot some puppies? Force you to watch “Maid In Manhattan” over and over again? I’ll get into how I feel about the ending soon, but the entire episode had me cursing Flocke as if he was Tony Romo playing third base for the New York Mets. Yes, that’s how much I hate Flocke now.

The New Past started the episode as John Locke awoke to find, duh, Dr. Jack Shephard in his hospital room. It was fairly obvious this is why Desmond plowed over Locke’s wheelchair a few episodes back. It was also inevitable that Jack would tell John that he could fix him. Now, my “Lost” wuss tolerance is fairly low and that moment had me choked up a bit…imagine what happened at the end?

Now, I’m going to assume that because Jack had John as a patient that he could find out who his dentist was? Let’s just say yes and run with it. So not only is Bernard’s wife Rose the lady that helped Locke out with unemployment, Bernard helps out Locke’s teeth too. That’s sweet. Hokey? Absolutely, but who cares?

Bernard sends Jack off to meet Anthony Cooper, whom we last saw being strangled by Sawyer in the Black Rock. Jack runs into Helen and we get another classic Jack blast from the past moment. “Why can’t that be enough”, Helen asks. “Because it’s not.” Classic Jack. What a fantastic moment that reminded that yes, I used to really, really like Jack.

It turns out that Anthony Cooper is, like his son, in a wheelchair. Unfortunately for him, he’s also a vegetable. As we learn later from Locke, he is in that state because Locke attempted to take him for a plane ride which ended badly for both of them. So the New Past Locke is guilt riddled over this and that is why he refuses to let Jack fix his back. Need more reasons to fall in love with Jack all over again? “What happened, happened.” “I can help you John. I wish you believed me.” Man…how incredible is this show? I wish I had more to add than that, but I’m really just in awe of how great it is.

Now, right before Locke and Jack had their amazing conversation about Locke’s accident, Jack did talk to Claire a bit. Again, Desmond wanted Jack and Claire to meet, find out they were related, and both on Oceanic 815. Why? I’ll tell you why…

…as I’ve been saying, the New Past is what is really going to happen to our Losties. Some of them are going to be in trouble (Sayid, Kate), some are going to be much better off (Jack, Hurley), and some are going to have completely different lives (Jin and Sun). Of course, I firmly believe that Jack will indeed operate on John and we will get to see John be married while standing next to his bride. It may cheapen everything that’s happened, but I am really rooting for that to be what is happening.

“The Candidate” was such a great episode because the New Past that I just talked about was just as interesting to watch as the Island. So did anybody else find it a little strange that everyone was locked in the same cage that Sawyer and Kate did the horizontal mambo in? I mean, I know that there were other pressing matters, but…that’s the first thing I though about. Of course, their imprisonment didn’t last long since Flocke went all Smoke Monster on Widmore’s peeps and Jack let them all out.

During their five minute imprisonment, Kate did get to learn that she is not one of Jacob’s Candidates. I don’t know about you but I’ve felt that Kate was going to get killed for quite some time and I kind of thought that was a hint at what was to come in that episode. Not quite…

While the entire gang headed off to the airplane, Flocke was busy cashing checks and snapping necks. He was also busy collecting explosives that were rigged to blow up the plane. Now I don’t want to brag, but I knew he was taking the explosive to use in an effort to kill all the Candidates. As many have guessed and/or flat out known, Flocke can’t leave until all the Candidates are dead.

I’m loving watching Sawyer and Jack be a team. Well…as close as they have ever come to being a team. There’s no doubt they are and always have been the “Lost” alpha males and everyone deep down wants them to be BFFs. How cool is it to hear Jack continually say that he’s not leaving the Island? Jack has become a combination of himself and John Locke and I f’ing love it.

On their way to the sub, my favorite moment of the night happened. There was one shot where the camera slowly panned from right to left and showed all the Losties, original cast people, crouched down about to run to the sub. I paused and rewound. It was so cool to see all of them like that again, just like in the first season. Just a bunch of fantastic characters, running around like crazy people in the jungle.

Unfortunately, like most things on “Lost”, it doesn’t go well. Flocke puts his explosive-laden backpack on Jack, Kate gets shot, etc. Of course, the most kickass moment happened when Jack responded to Flocke’s insistence that whomever told him he had to stay on the Island was an idiot. “That man was John Locke.” The purpose in his voice gave me goosebumps and the conviction of that push was perfect.

So, the gang gets on the sub, oh so conveniently leaving Flock and Crazy Hair Claire behind. All of this was painful to watch as we all were aware that they needed to stay the hell off of that freaking sub! Of course, Jack discovers the bomb once he starts to try to treat Kate’s wound and then, they all know that Flocke was out to kill them all along.

Sometimes people bitch about the characters on “Lost” not putting things together quickly enough. Well, suck on this one folks because after Jack saw the bomb, he put it all together perfectly. He knows Flocke can’t just kill them. Why else would he go to all the trouble in getting them all together if he couldn’t just pick them off one by one?

Sawyer, who isn’t quite sold on the idea that they can’t be killed, pulls out the wires and the bomb goes faster. As soon as Sayid spoke, I knew it was over. He was in mid-sentence, telling Jack where Desmond was, when my eyes started to well up. Then…the line of the night: “Because it’s going to be you Jack.” From there, I was a wreck.

Explosion. Sayid is gone. Lapidus is done. Kate’s drowning. Hurley gets her out of there. It’s just chaos and tears. Once Jin, Sawyer, and Jack pry the cabinet off the trapped Sun and we see her pinned ever more…I knew that it was the end for her as well. Did I expect what happened to happen? Not at all.

There have been some memorable deaths on “Lost”. Charlie drowning was by far the most heroic and Juliet dying was the most bittersweet. Jin and Sun drowning was the most romantic. I won’t go into detail of it, but it was really tough to watch.

So what now? Well, you have to believe that Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate are going to be pretty pissed at Flocke. I would think they are going to get Desmond and figure out what makes him so dangerous to Flocke. Honestly, that is the only mystery that I am concerned with right now. Why is Flocke afraid of Desmond and Desmond not afraid of Flocke? Wanna bet we find out next week?

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