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Do You Like American Music? Cinematically Correct Likes American Music

It’s been awhile since I’ve flashed my indie music snob membership card on Cinematically Correct and since I’ve already talked about how kickass “Iron Man 2” is, why not talk about how kickass these recently released albums are?

Grizzly Bear For Dummies.

The caption under the album cover here isn’t meant as a slight, it’s just that The Morning Benders “Big Echo” is definitely into that chamber pop sound but is a bit more accessible than the boys in Grizzly Bear. It makes sense that this record has that big melodic sound like “Veckatimest” since Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Murphy produced it.

This type of music is really making some headway in the indie scene. It’s all about jingly jangly guitars, layered arrangements with unique instruments (glockenspiel anyone?), and most importantly, vocal harmonies that make your heart leap out of your chest. It’s as if every baroque pop band listens to “Pet Sounds” every morning, then goes about trying to recreate the pop beauty in that record. While “Big Echo” doesn’t even come close to that piece of genius, it’s definitely a good record for a band interested in achieving that type of thing.

It's like a great rap compilation album for Canadian Indie Rockers.

Recently, I’ve realized that I don’t know anything about modern radio. I refuse to listen to FM stations because if my ears hear any Black Eyed Peas, I go into epileptic shock even though I am not epileptic. However, I am aware that many rappers and R&B stars record albums in which every song is featuring this guy or starring that chick or whatever. It’s all, Featuring T-Pain or T.I. or whomever else is out there. I really don’t know. Look, I’m very, very white.

Well, Broken Social Scene is kind of like those rap groups but for white indie rock guys. Now, they don’t put the featuring tag on their tunes, they just let you listen and figure out who is singing. Is it Feist? Is it Kevin Drew? Did Jason Collett come back for this album? Oh, there’s Emily Haines, she’s great. You have to just listen and bring it all in, which you should because this album is easily their best since “You Forgot It In People”. Not only that, it’s the first time Feist, Haines, and Amy Millan all sing on a BSS song together. It’s almost too much indie rock chick cuteness for one tune.

The National knows the plight of the mid-30s white man.


Step One: You go to iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download the software immediately. If you do not have a computer or Internet access…well…you aren’t reading this and should go to Step One-A.
Step One-A: Get in your car and go to a record store tomorrow to buy The National’s “High Violet”. Listen repeatedly.
Step Two: Open iTunes, search for The National. If you do not own their records, immediately pick up “Alligator” and “Boxer”. Then, order “High Violet”.
Step Three: Listen to “Alligator”.
Step Four: Listen to “Boxer”.
Step Five: Listen to “High Violet”.
Step Six: Question how this band is not hugely popular.

No, I do not work for the band in any fashion. There are only a few artists that I listen to that I feel are singing directly to me. This is one of them. Every song is a moody, gorgeous piece of music that seems to know exactly how I’m feeling. Yeah, I do stupid things, I say stupid things, I keep messing up…but by the end of every day/song, I realize that I’ve done okay and everything’s good. That’s what a National song means to me.

Have I ever mentioned that I am extremely overdramatic?

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