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Cinematically Correct Is Begging The National To Play My Town

The Big D (that’s Dallas to anyone overseas) has a poor reputation when it comes to live shows. This city is full of people who are more interested in being seen and heard and not interested in seeing and hearing (get it?). So, when you go to a live show in this town, you have to deal with at least half of the crowd chatting away. You’ll be surprised to read that, much like most things done by the general public, this pisses me off. Why pay twenty bucks to see a band when you could just go to some disgusting club and chat and drink all night long? Because you’re an idiot, that’s why.

Example: Last year, Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I attended a fantastic show with Iron & Wine opening for The Swell Season. If you are familiar with Iron & Wine, you know that it’s essentially a one man band. The singer (Sam Beam) is a folkie and it’s very quiet music. Calming even. Well, two girls and a guy stood in front of us and would not shut up. Finally, after taking all I could stand, I asked the most loud girl if I could have thirty bucks. Naturally, she asked why. My response: “Because you’ve ruined half of this concert for me and I’d like some money back.” Why yes, it was awesome.

The three of them stood there, dumbfounded by what had happened. The girl said, “Well, this is awkward“, to which I replied, “Maybe for you it’s awkward, not for me.” Cue the theme from “Curb”. They walked off and found other people to annoy. I was then thanked by a bearded hippie standing behind me. I was his hero that night.

Oh where was I? Ah yes, The National does not have Dallas on their schedule right now. When a cool indie band doesn’t come here, I blame those three people.  Here is The National with special guest Sufjan Stevens doing “Afraid Of Everyone” on Letterman.

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