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Just Three Hours Until Showtime & It Hits Me: “Lost” Is Really Ending

Maybe it’s denial? Maybe it was last week’s brutal episode? I really can’t pinpoint how it didn’t really sink in until this afternoon…but “Lost” is really going to be over soon.

Since I’ve given up on there being a concrete reason for the Island to exist and how it works (I’ve accepted the “it just is” reasoning), I’m really only concerned with what’s going to happen to the Losties at this point. It’s funny, but I’ve always like the lives and the stories behind all the characters more than any of the sci-fi-ish elements of the show until last week when it put me through the roof. Seriously, I had trouble sleeping last Tuesday, that’s how f****** pissed off I was.

Okay, I’m over all that now. What’s the deal with Desmond? What’s he got that has Flocke so spooked? Who truly is Jacob’s replacement, if there even is one? How are they going to tie the New Past with reality? Will Sawyer be reunited with Juliet somehow (oh please oh please oh please oh please)? Will Jack save everyone? Will Locke somehow get the last laugh and show that he isn’t pathetic? Will Vincent be reunited with Walt? Will Claire ever rediscover the beauty of shampoo and conditioner? These are the important questions and dammit, we need answers.

So it’s going to go down like this, my faithful tens of Cinematically Correct readers. Tomorrow, I am going to the Island. Well…not the Island but an undisclosed island in the United States of America. I would say where, but I can’t be bothered by my many fans. So, depending on how stoked/pissed I am tonight, there may or may not be an immediate post about the show. Chances are, I’ll haphazardly throw something up regardless.

The real issue is this: I will be airborne during the finale on Sunday night. Needless to say, I am heavily depending on my DVR to operate correctly and when you depend on Time Warner Cable, you are potentially fighting a losing battle. So fingers crossed, when my flight lands around 8:30 Sunday night, I will get home, press play, and all will be right with the world.

Why am I giving you my itinerary? Honestly…I’m just killing time. I mean, everyone knows how hard it is to actually make yourself work in those final hours at work before vacation.

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