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The Redemption Theme Is Very Existent As “Lost” Redeems Last Week With “What They Died For”

Unfortunately, since I am waking up in five short hours to catch a very early flight to the island (that I’m visiting for vacation), I can’t really get into a bunch of detail about tonight’s “Lost”. Fortunately, there really isn’t much left to the imagination. “Lost” has spelled it all out and we know what the final two and a half hours are going to be about: Jack versus Flocke.

Let me first say that I’ve pulled back on my hatred of last week’s episode. In hindsight, it wasn’t all that bad. Now, was it totally misplaced? Absolutely. It was a big pull on the emergency brake of a story that was rolling. It needed to be shown much earlier this season so that the momentum the show had built, especially after the death of Sayid, Jin, and Sun, wasn’t stopped…which it kind of was.

It turns out, the New Past has turned into a very interesting storyline huh? I like how it’s really brought everyone around and I really dug the fact that Hurley is now helping Desmond in doing it. Now, how they are going to tie it all into what’s happening on the Island, I have no idea. It’s worked out so well that I trust it’s going to make sense and be fun to watch.

Now, if anybody saw Ben putting the movies on Danielle in the New Past, I’d like to have you tested by Dr. Peter Venkman for ESP. That New Past storyline alone has me hoping that somehow, someway, we’ve already been watching what happens to the Losties. Here’s hoping that Desmond is making so that everything we’ve seen in the New Past is what the Losties lives become. I’m certain that if it works out that way, it will be done in a way as to not cheapen everything we’ve seen in the past six years.

The bad news is that we said goodbye to Richard Alpert, who was unceremoniously murdered by Smokey. I was hoping that Alpert could make it to the finale, but I suppose his story has been told and we really need to make way for our original Losties. We did say bye to Widmore and Zoe, but that wasn’t nearly as upsetting.

There wasn’t much suspense surrounding who would take Jacob’s place. It’s been apparent since day one that Jack was going to be the hero and I’m glad that it’s turned out that way. I’m hoping to see Jack get some closure over the feelings about his father.

There is a bit more that I go into, but I need to hit the sack. I mean, what’s up with Ben helping Flocke? What is Desmond going to do that can destroy the Island? What’s up with the cut on Jack’s neck? Is Jack going to fix Locke? For a show with only 150 minutes of TV time left, we sure have a lot of unanswered questions.

Everything happens for a reason. I’m going to an island the same week we all have to say goodbye to the Island. It wasn’t even done on purpose...probably just happened for a reason.

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