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The Un-Recap Recap Of The Finale Of “Lost”

There are tons of step-by-step, moment to moment stories out there about last night’s “Lost” series finale, lazily titled “The End”. Thankfully, the title was the only lazy thing about the two-and-a-half hour “Lost” marathon. Since I watched it via DVR and zipped through those oh-so-expensive commercials, I barely had enough time to catch my breath or wipe my tears.

This will not be a critical post. There won’t be any “what about the statue” stuff here. You are about to read from a guy that was 100% completely satisfied with what went down last night. While some more answers may have been nice, the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on with these characters was handled with such care, precision, and, ultimately, perfection that I don’t even care about anything else.

Let’s address the big elephant in the room…were this season’s sideflashes/New Past/alternate timeline scenes a look into Purgatory, as many are saying? I’m going with yes, but I don’t feel like it was a cop out. I love the idea that everything that happened on the Island, really happened. Sadly, some people died sooner than others, but everyone eventually dies. Sure, Sawyer may live until he’s 100, but he still gets to go to wherever they all were and share that moment with Juliet…

…which is really what I want to write about the most. Sadly, there’s really nothing I can think of that can really express how uplifting I felt watching that happen. It was one of the most touching and beautiful moments I’ve seen committed to film. I’m certain that I could watch that scene in 40 years and still sob like I did last night.

Sobbing was the the recurring theme in this household. It really all started the second Sun said, “It’s a girl” to Juliet. It continued as Hurley stared at Charlie, smiling from ear to ear, just happy to see his friend again. It was fantastic to see Sayid get to to be the Sayid we had known for all these years as he was reunited with Shannon, thanks to Hurley and Boone.

However, there were some key moments that really pulled on my heartstrings. It was actually tough to watch Kate help deliver Claire’s baby again, but the payoff was well worth it. If that wasn’t enough of an emotional punch, Charlie and Claire’s shared moment was an emotional sledgehammer. Even the toughest of people had to have a leaky eye after seeing that.

It was also tough to watch what was happening on the Island, while Jack and Locke were getting along so great otherwise. It was so refreshing to see them be friendly. Then, in one scene, all the tension, all the faith versus science, everything that pitted these two characters against each other for so long, came back in mere moments. It really is a testament to how fantastic Terry O’Quinn and Matthew Fox are at being these character. It was just another powerful scene in an episode filled with them.

While Jack and Kate’s reunion was touching, it paled in comparison to Ben Linus’ apology to John Locke. It truly would be preposterous to believe that Ben could go from a calculating, devious, evil man to the humble person you saw last night if not for the genius of Michael Emerson. His performance made the redemption of Ben Linus seem completely plausible, even though in reality, it isn’t.

The end of ‘The End”? I’m saving it for last.

How did the flashes become better than the Island? Well, last night, they truly did. Does that mean I think the Island action sucked? Not even close. It was easily the most action filled episode of the season and, while left plenty in question, I’m okay with how it ended up.

I’ll just get to my favorite moment. Listening to Jack stick up for John Locke was brilliant. Not only does it show that Jack has truly become a hero and a leader. Leaders know when they were wrong and when they were right. He finally admitted in full that John was right about the Island and hearing him say that Smokey disgraced John Locke’s image was music to my Locke-loving ears.

This was really an epic tour de force piece of acting from Matthew Fox. Tell me the image of Jack confronting Locke on the cliffs in the rain won’t stay with you for quite some time? Could he have looked any cooler than he did while jumping at Flocke right before the cut to commercial? Freaking amazing. It honestly took my breath away…and I don’t care how gay that potentially makes me sound. It was awesome.

It was also fairly cool for Kate to get to put the finishing touches on Flocke. I’ve always been on the fence with Kate, but she kind of won me over this season. I sadly don’t have much more to say about her because she really doesn’t have much going on.

Instead of going over what happened after Flocke’s death, how about what happens next? Well, Jack definitely became the Savior as he died so that Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Claire, Lapidus (yay!), and the suddenly-aging Richard Alpert could leave the Island. I’ve always envisioned that either Jack or Sawyer would give their life to save everyone else and I thought it was a fantastic heroes death for Jack.

However, my MVP of “The End” goes to Jorge Garcia’s Hurley. Who would have thought that after all this time, Hurley could quite possibly be the best and most beloved character from “Lost”? It seemed fitting that Hurley would be the next person to take care of the Island because he is the only character that time after time made every decision based on how it would effect others. He also got to have a very sweet moment with Ben regarding what Ben’s role would be in a Hurley-led Island.

So what happened on the Island? What did Desmond do to make that tiny pond dry up and turn as red as I presume Hell to be? You keep wondering about the what’s or why’s, I’m not interested. I’m willing to accept that Lapidus flew that plane off the Island and those people went about living their lives. I’m completely okay with Hurley and Ben staying on the Island, along with Rose and Bernard, to protect it in their own way. I’m also willing to believe that Hurley and Ben helped Desmond get off the Island and back to Penny and Charlie.

What am I saying? I loved it. I ate every second of it up with a spoon. I don’t need any answers to questions because I am so happy with how every single character ended up that every thing else is a distant second.

Of course, the biggest moment came when Jack was finally able to speak to his father, Christian. It’s been a long time coming and it was a great, great scene. In true “Lost” fashion, Christian explained what everything was in a way that didn’t completely spell it out for you. They all knew there were dead and were about to go into the light together, but they didn’t want to do it until they were all together. For me, the light is going to be Heaven. It can be whatever you want it to be. All that matters is that in the end, we got to see everyone together and happy.

After all this, I’m still fairly speechless and I don’t know if any of this made sense at all. It’s hard for me to really explain how I feel. As insane as it is, “Lost” has been a huge part of my life for six years. For God’s sake, I’ve had dreams that I was on the Island. It was time to say goodbye and, like Jack, I’m ready to let go.

I’m still going to miss Jack, Kate, John, Sayid, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Juliet, Michael, Walt, Boone, Shannon, Claire, Charlie, Ana Lucia, Libby, Ben, Frank, Miles, Mr. Eko, Desmond, Daniel, Charlotte, Widmore, Rose, Bernard, Rousseau, Richard, Tom, Ilana, Jacob, Smokey, Vincent, Penny, Eloise, hell, maybe even Nikki and Paulo. I’ll miss them so much that I really don’t know how to stop writing about them this very second.

Okay. I’m going to let go and say goodbye to “Lost” and a big thank you to everyone who read what I thought about the show. I hope you loved watching this show as much as I did.

  1. May 25, 2010 at 6:31 AM

    glad you enjoyed it CC
    I dont understand a word of the above, but im glad you enjoyed it

  2. May 25, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Whatever, I’m still mad Walt wasn’t in the finale episode. They owe me closure!

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