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Here’s The Post In Which Cinematically Correct Overpraises Prince & All His Purple-Awesomeness

Now...let's have some muthaf***** pancakes.

Let’s all wish His Purpleness, Prince Rogers Nelson, a happy 52nd birthday today. Let’s do that by recognizing this fact: You are looking at one of the greatest guitar players that has ever lived. Honestly, there can’t be any debating it. There are only a few guitarists that I’d take in the Fantasy Guitar League before Prince. Here’s how this blog’s scouts see the Top Ten Guitarists Ever That Are So Good At Playing Guitar That They Are The Top Ten Guitarists Ever…or simply My Favorite Guitarists:

1. Eric Clapton

2. Prince

3. J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

4. Mike McCready of Pearl Jam

5. Jack White of a thousand different bands

6. Robbie Robertson of The Band

7. Jeff Buckley

8. A mix of Jeff Tweedy/Nels Cline of Wilco

9. Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead

10. Matt Ward

Briefly, before I go into the genius and overall kickassery of Prince, let me tell you my most hated guitar player ever: Tom f’ing Morello. I can play power chords and slap a bunch of effects pedals on too buddy, doesn’t make me brilliant like the ten names up there.

Okay, that’s enough Anti-Morello Talk. Let’s talk Prince. Today, I’ll be plowing through several of his albums including “1999”, “Sign O The Times”, and the greatness that is “Purple Rain”. However, I will not stop down for the atrocities of the “Symbol Album”, “Lovesexy”, and the unbelievably painful and brutal Batman soundtrack. Can you even believe Prince is responsible for “Batdance”? Good Lord. What I can’t believe is that at age 14, I actually thought that was a kickass record. Sign of the times indeed…

The best thing for my money about Prince is that his best work is really timeless. He’s such a musical chameleon that even the early stuff from “Dirty Mind” plays today. It’s mostly due to the fact that he’s a musical savant and a studio technician. I mean, Prince was recording stuff in ways that was about 20 years ahead of its time. His crazed attempts at perfectionism are legendary and his tunes are the better for it.

The majority of my music world these days revolves around Americana and indie bands, which is why my unabashed love of Prince always makes people look at me funny. To me, he’s the greatest musician that ever lived. I don’t care that he’s a whacko, don’t care that he’s bailed on his old scandalous songs due to his newfound religious faith, he can pretty much do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I’ll listen to his records when I’m 80 just like I listen to them now.

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