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Here’s A New Trailer For “Somewhere”, Directed By The Best Italian Chick Director Alive

Ugh. What a hideous location.

Sofia Coppola needs a bit of a comeback after the oh-so-disappointing “Marie Antoinette”. If you ask me, that movie wouldn’t have been so terrible if not for Kirsten Dunst. I’m sorry, but that chick is freaking horrendous. I thought she was the weak link in every single “Spider Man” movie and I haven’t seen one thing, other than when she was two years old or whatever in “Interview With The Vampire”, in which she was even an average actor.

This post isn’t a Kirsten Dunst bashfest (but a full post on that is a great idea), this post is all about Sofia’s next flick, “Somewhere”. This looks like it gets back to what she does well: melancholy, broken people set against a clever pop music soundtrack. That’s not a reduction of her work either, that’s pretty much an explanation of movies that are right in my wheelhouse.

This one is about an actor, burned out by years of the Hollywood party, who is unexpectedly visited by his 11-year old daughter. In what I think will turn out to be a genius piece of casting, Stephen Dorff plays the rough edged actor. In her first role in a fairly serious  movie, Elle Fanning is starring as his daughter.

So what do you think? I’m going on record and saying this will provide a Mickey Rourke-ian style comeback for Stephen Dorff. A movie like this is screaming for a great performance and it will be a case of art imitating life for him. I’m predicting huge things for him this year.

  1. June 15, 2010 at 8:34 PM

    I think it looks pretty good. I also agree that Marie Antoinette wasn’t that good, but I almost give her a pass just because of the Lost in Translation (such a beautiful film). Also was a nice touch to add a Strokes B-Side in the trailer 😛 .

  2. mcarteratthemovies
    June 16, 2010 at 9:11 AM

    And “The Virgin Suicides.” Don’t forget about “The Virgin Suicides.” It’s one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen — very ethereal and mystical, almost — but it left a definite impression.

    I’ll have to come in from the unpopular side and argue for “Marie Antoinette.” At least, I’ll have to argue for the soundtrack, which I liked. I also do not harbor quite as much vitriol for Dunst as you do, though I’ll admit she’s an actress of … limited range. I had no problem with her as Mary Jane, either, and thought she was effective in “Bring It On” (which, despite my aversion to cheerleaders and “pep,” I liked very much).

    • June 16, 2010 at 9:15 AM

      You know what? I do like “The Virgin Suicides” & Dunst is in that one. “Bring It On” is pretty funny, no matter how stupid it is. Okay…new theory on Kristen Dunst. Instead of getting better as an actress, she has digressed. It’s probably all the weed.

  3. June 19, 2010 at 12:36 PM

    Dunst worked well for me in Eternal Sunshine and, actually, Spider-Man 2, where I thought she finally understood what Mary-Jane was all about. And then forgot by the time Spider-Man 3 rolled around.

    That said, I’m really not sure that I’m that excited for another “White People With Problems” movie from Coppola. I love Lost In Translation, but I fear that she’ll be treading similar thematic ground here. She’s a good filmmaker and I’d hate to see her get stuck in a pattern, but maybe I’m worrying about nothing.

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