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Rogen Smokes, Drinks, Parties His Ass Off…In “The Green Hornet”?!

Like many others, I was a bit skeptical about Seth Rogen putting on his action pants and starring in “The Green Hornet”. It was a bit comforting when Stephen Chou was on board to direct and star as Kato for the flick, but very unsettling when he completely bailed on the project. However, replacing him with Michel Gondry is definitely a sneaky way to my movie heart.

Well, the first trailer shows off what many of the stars do well. Rogen says awkward things and Christoph Waltz looks delightfully evil. Think he’s being typecast much? While it’s a slick little preview, I’m still a bit hesitant to dive completely into this one. The trailer is lacking in Gondry-isms. If you really wanted to sell the fact that Gondry is finally directing a big budget flick and you didn’t pull the reins on him, wouldn’t you put a few of his trademark brilliant visuals in the first trailer? One would think so…so the absence of them kinda says there aren’t any of those trademark visuals.

Then again, I’m probably over analyzing the hell out of this trailer.

  1. June 22, 2010 at 9:16 PM

    The only thing I got from this trailer is “generic action movie”. Other than the Kato vision kick, nothing about this suggests that I should go see it, though given the talents involved my ticket is already sold.

    Apparently, Rogen and Gondry mentioned that they cut the first trailer to give broader audiences a general idea of what the movie is about, and that further trailers will get a little more in-depth. For now it looks pretty standard, and I didn’t get a sense of Rogen and Chou having any chemistry at all.

    Of course it’s just a trailer, and judging movies based off of trailers is for suckers. So…we’ll see in January!

  2. June 25, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    I’m still trying to remain positive for this adaptation of The Green Hornet. However the first trailer is definitely “bleh” in my opinion.

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