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Don’t Plagiarize Me Bro!

Plagiarism: The Internet's Dirty Little Secret

So, after what looks like some serious digging and comparison, William Goss at Cinematical has pretty much nailed a so-called movie critic for ripping off over 40 movie reviews from several different websites. I’ve looked through several of the cases of it and it’s just blatant, word-for-word stealing. This blogger, at David’s Movie Notebook, is no longer in the blogging business. Click the link and you’ll find that the blog is shut down.

Cinematically Correct has been online since June 6th, 2008, which means that in my just over two years of blogging, there are a few instances in which someone has lifted something I’ve written. I’ve either been alerted to this by friends or have stumbled across it myself.

The first time it happened, I was insanely pissed. It just seemed so wrong. When I would write my “Lost” recaps, I purposely avoided reading other blogs until I finished mine. I didn’t want any of their words or thoughts to work their way into mine because I respect their writing. But, I calmed down and said to myself, “That writer knows they stole from me, let them live with knowing they ripped me off”. I’m sure they could care less, otherwise, they don’t steal in the first place.

Now if it happens, I consider it to be flattering. After all, they must think it’s good enough to lift and call their own thoughts. It’s sad really. Why did you start the blog in the first place?

Of course, if I’m one of the guys from Variety and you are ripping me off, the gloves come right off. Once you are getting paid for your words, you need to safeguard them like Fort Knox.

Most bloggers like me are doing this because it’s fun. It’s a creative outlet. Would I like to be doing this for a living? You bet your ass I would. Obviously, I’m either not qualified, not good enough, or haven’t pursued it enough to make it happen.

Why did I write this half-ass rant on plagiarism? Boredom. I didn’t feel like sounding off on Lindsay Lohan or LeBron today.

  1. July 9, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Maybe we should stop calling it plagiarism and start calling it “verbal theft” or “intellectual theft.” People seem to tolerate plagiarism much more than they would tolerate theft of physical property. But that’s what it is. And I agree, it feels awful to be a victim of plagiarism.

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