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Good Morning America! Welcome To The Era Of “Me First” Where Nothing Is Ever My Fault

We Are Witless.

Fair warning: I’m about to become one of those people that equates LeBron James’ recent behavior to the current climate of the United States. There’s a great chance that I could a) potentially offend people, b) not be eloquent, and/or c) insult several sports fans.

Shouldn’t people have seen this LeBron James move coming for quite some time? All signs show that he could have cared less about the fact that he was born and raised in Akron, OH and had the “opportunity” to play for his home state’s professional basketball team. LeBron openly showed that he rooted for the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys. You know, two teams that almost everyone from Ohio ends up as fans.

So my first problem here is at least a sports related problem instead of society as a whole, which I will get into later. People, enough with hopping on the bandwagon. Is there a worse sports fan than a frontrunner? I live in Dallas, TX and it blows my mind that people would rather put on a Kobe Bryant (whom I like more than LeBron now, congrats BronBron) jersey than a Dirk Nowitzki jersey. Why is this?

It’s because we now live in a sports world in which everyone wants to root for a winner and nobody wants to suffer through the growing pains of building a winner. People want instant¬†gratification. Do you think Yankees fans remember the years prior to Derek Jeter and Co. showing up? Yeah they do, the team was horrendous. Through player development and amazingly brilliant planning, the Yankees have created the ability to run their team the way they do right now. Do they spend more than everyone else? Yes. But they have earned that right.

So BronBron is simply the biggest example of bandwagon hopping in recorded human history. Except instead of buying that Laker jersey and declaring yourself a huge Laker fan, he gets to pick which jersey all the bandwagon hopping fans will buy this winter. Believe me, they will be all over the place and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to use them to wipe your ass.

Do you think that BronBron and his moronic advisors would have pulled this stunt over the past two or three years if any of them had an iota of college education? Before you jump down my throat and say that you can be an intelligent person without a college education, let me tell you that yes, I do believe that as well. However, I think that we can all agree that most people actually benefit from the college learning experience?

Think about it. This is really the first actual decision that BronBron and his moronic friends had to make. They didn’t pick a college. They didn’t pick a team to play for. His toughest life decision to date was whether or not he really wanted to tank in the second round of this year’s NBA Playoffs. Sure, college guys have made stupid decisions, but I have to believe that if BronBron wasn’t surrounded by enablers with pea-brained delusions of grandeur, the marketing and PR nightmare that he will have to deal with for the foreseeable future could have been avoided.

It really boils down to the fact that our society has reached a point where more people think “me” before “we”. Everyone wants the easy way out of every single situation. Nobody really wants to have to work for something. If they really did, they would find that the thing that was so hard and you busted your ass for? It is so much more rewarding to know you did it yourself.

We live in a world filled with enablers. No one wants to take responsibility for anything, from second round playoff exits to oil spills. Everyone wants the easy way out. Everyone wants all their wildest dreams to be simply handed over to them on a plate. BronBron wanted all those things. The Cavs let him pick their coach, pick their GM. Then, they fired those very people because it’s believed to be what BronBron wanted. They appeased him over and over, to the point where he is oblivious to the fact that he just infuriated about 90% of the sports fan base.

Yes, most of this is incoherent rambling. It’s hard to really form a concise and clear message about this situation for me because it has inexplicably pissed me off on so many levels, that I find it hard to think clearly when I think about BronBron. This petulant, egotistical, coward who is unwilling to fight the fight that hundreds of athletes have done before him, has gotten his way and found the easy way out.

If you disagree with me on any of this, think about this:

Take BronBron out and replace him with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Jerry Lucas, Isiah Thomas, David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Hakeem Olajuwon.

Now, imagine any one of those players doing what BronBron has done. You can’t even come close to believing it could happen can you?

  1. Anonymous
    July 12, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    He man fulfilled his contract and decided to sign with another team. He doesn’t owe Cleveland or the entire state of Ohio anything else. I don’t see the big deal here. He wants to play with his very talented friends, so what? People put these athletes on too big a pedestal, good grief. I’d like to have a cake job with two good friends of mine, making millions.

    However, I digress. He is a jackass for having his decision televised. Although, I can’t blame him 100% considering everyone and their mother was on his cock and balls for weeks. They have to assume some responsibility for the circus this has become.

    Come on, the man plays basketball. Basketball, the most boring game ever during the regular season. Ever go to a live NBA game? It’s damn brutal to sit through. I’d rather go to a WWE event.

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