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The Movie Villain Has Become More Fun Than The Hero

The 2012 summer movie season looks like it’s going to be packed full. Sadly, I’ve spent a fair chunk of time looking into the 2012 releases and just these three movies alone make it a huge summer: “The Avengers”, “Men In Black 3”, and the third Christopher Nolan Batman flick. That’s a whole lot of superhero stuff.

Doesn’t it seem like the villains have become the much cooler part of these movies? Don’t you foresee Jemaine Clement as an evil alien in “Men In Black 3” easily stealing that movie right out from under Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones? Although, it will be tough to steal “The Avengers” away from that collection of people playing superheroes. Actually, it would be tough to steal any movie away from Robert Downey Jr.

Well, Firstshowing.net has gotten their hands on a casting grid sheet for Nolan’s third Batman and it features The Riddler as the main villain. As rumored, the greatness that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the first name listed with the note “interested” written beside it. Um, duh. Get this done people.

Actually, the only person other than JGL I’d like to see as The Riddler is Leo DiCaprio. Of course, if I was going to redo “2001”, I’d cast Leo as Hal. Or a gorilla. Or the bone that the gorilla throws up in the sky then cuts to the space ship orbiting Earth. F it, I’d cast Leo as the Earth.  That’s how kickass Leo is. But I’m off topic, any thoughts on Leo as The Riddler?

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