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The Cult Of Apple Is In Full Throttle At My House

My next home will be 100% Apple products. Dishwasher, fridge, toothbrush, all of it.

Here are the current Apple products that can be found in my home:

  • 80GB iPod
  • 8GB iPod Nano
  • 2 iPhone 3GSs
  • 21.5″ iMac
  • Macbook 4
  • Apple TV
  • Steve Jobs – he lives in my extra bedroom sometimes. He’s creepy.

Yes, I have added Apple TV to the Apple arsenal. Why did I get this device now, with full knowledge that some sort of fancy upgraded version is due out within the year? Well, I’ve crossed my fingers in hopes that I can simply upgrade this device to do whatever the new Apple TV will do. But of course, that’s probably wishful thinking because Apple so does not operate that way.

I snagged this guy for two reasons:

1. My Netflix membership is a waste for me. For about $15 a month, I get Bluray discs sent to me one movie at a time. Since I watch several TV shows and don’t miss a Phillies game, that leaves little time for watching movies at home. This means I hold onto a movie for weeks at a time, thus ripping myself off. Now, if I know I want to rent a movie, I just click on Apple TV and rent it in full HD for $4.

2. Right now, I plug my iPod into my stereo and use it to listen to music. Since the Internet in my house is wireless, I can sync Apple TV up to my iTunes library on my iMac and play music that way. Is that really a big deal? Maybe not to you, but when you have to run half way across the house to change what you are listening to, it would. Now, the iPhone is my remote and if I’m in the laundry room and I want to change music, click, done. No more running through the house!

Essentially, I am fully embracing the technology that is available. Sure, it costs some bucks, is fairly self-indulgent, and very Apple-snob of me, which I realize is kind of uncool now, but I don’t care. They make great stuff…well, maybe not iPhone 4, but you just never mind that!

Sorry, Steve got out of the bedroom and typed that last paragraph.

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