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John Belushi: Redux

The cigarette is what brings this bit together for me.

Anybody see the 1989 John Belushi biopic “Wired”? Yeah, me either. It does star the greatest bad cop of all time Vic Mackey as Belushi, which is kind of tough for me to imagine. Sure, I like Michael Chiklis but I don’t know if I can picture him running around like a crazy drunkard loon. A bloodthirsty, vengeful cop yes, stoner, no.

Since nobody has seen that flick and John Belushi’s tale of woe is so intriguing, Warner Brothers has decided to get cracking on an official Belushi story, complete with the blessings of the Belushi family estate. Interesting right? Throw in Todd Phillips (who actually has directed a few decent documentaries) and you have got some serious potential for a pretty good look at Belushi’s amazing, yet short life.

So, now that this movie has just a hint of happening, why not further the rumor mill? Let’s all get together and figure out who should play this comedic legend.

  • Zach Galifianakis. This is a fairly obvious choice. He’s definitely, umm, portly enough to play Belushi. The biggest hangup with him is the fact that is already eight years older than Belushi was at the time of his death.
  • Seth Rogen. Wouldn’t it kind of be sad if Rogen was told to gain some weight for this role after all the hubbub over his recent weight loss? He is definitely the right age and definitely believable as the hard partying stoner. Wouldn’t be a stretch.
  • Jonah Hill. He would have to lose a person but I honestly am leaning towards him the most. He seems to have that pent up explosive comedic ability and also, after seeing “Cyrus”, the dark edge that would be necessary for those not so sunny Belushi moments.
  • Chris Farley. Whoops.
  • Ricky Gervais. Other than being too old and British, he’s a fine choice.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio. Come on, this guy is good in everything.

I was joking with the last two. Also, I kind of feel bad about the Chris Farley thing. I should delete it. No, what’s done is done.

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