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Will “The American” Make Me Do The Rare Mid-Week Theater Visit?

Everything about this poster screams awesome.

You know, I think I really, really like George Clooney. It really hit me last night when a commercial for “The American” showed up on my talking and moving picture box. This movie looks arty, fancy, deliberate, and complex. These are all things in my cinematic wheelhouse.

So, the question is do I buy the ticket and take the Wednesday night theater ride? It’s not like I have to get a sitter or can’t afford to spring for a quick dinner at Tin Star or something like that. Really, the only thing that keeps me from going to see movies during the week is my own disgusting laziness. I like sitting at home with my guitar, the HD TV, the iMac, and Madden on the X-Box. There’s just so many distractions and/or timewasters right in front of me, why drive somewhere for another?

Of course, that goes against my core belief that going to the movies is like going to church and should be done weekly. Not to mention that I’ve read there is all kinds of interesting female nudity in “The American”, so that’s a win. Am I that shallow? Well…yes.

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