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The Impressive & Often Odd Career Of Michael Douglas

Damn. Look at those two lookers.

In 1975, Michael Douglas won his first Academy Award. He was awarded this as he was a producer of the greatness that is “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. I’m not quite sure if the general public was aware that he won that Oscar well before he had made a name for himself in front of the camera.

In light of the terrible news that he has stage four throat cancer, Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I were talking about his career and it dawned on me how brilliant it has been so far. Aside from the genius of “Cuckoo’s Nest”, here are my Favorite Michael Douglas Movie Moments. These are in no particular order. As always…please, no wagering.

  • “Fatal Attraction”

Is this the toughest role he’s had to tackle? I mean, how are we, the audience, supposed to feel about this guy? If you keep your junk away from Glenn Close’s obviously crazy vagina, your bunny is alive and Anne Archer doesn’t get pissed at you.

  • “The War Of The Roses”

This is the first mention of Kathleen Turner. Not only is this movie so beautifully twisted and hilarious, I think it is Douglas’ best performance. He’s so obnoxious…and then he pisses on the fish.

  • “Black Rain”

This gets into my Michael Douglas Highlight Reel mostly due to the fact that my Leader, Ridley Scott, directed it. If this movie is on TV anywhere, you can guarantee I’m watching it. It’s just so damn cool.

  • “Wonder Boys”

First of all, this flick was filmed entirely in Pittsburgh, PA and it’s always cool to see a city I grew up near on film. Second, Douglas plays a stoner burn-out hippie college professor. Third, the chemistry with him and Robert Downey Jr. is beyond hilarious. Not many people saw this one, but you really, really should.

  • “Wall Street”

Yeah yeah, Gordon Gekko…greed is good…cool hair…cool suits…”I gave you Derrian”…all that stuff. It’s awesome. He won Best Actor. The funny thing is that I think Oliver Stone was trying to knock capitalism, but this kind of became a two hour commercial for it instead. So ha.

  • “Romancing The Stone”

This is last for a reason. I love it. Every single second of it. Can you believe that Sylvester Stallone and Christopher Reeve turned this movie down before Douglas got the part? I can’t even think of anyone but him as the wise-ass hero Jack Wilder. Yes, I like “Romancing The Stone” more than “Wall Street”. I said it.

So why has his career been odd? Well, take a look at some of those producing credits. It’s all over the map. I mean, you’re telling me that he wins an Oscar for “Cuckoo’s Nest”, but has also is responsible for “Double Impact”, with Jean Claude Van Damme, the sure-fire Dolph Lundgren Oscar vehicle, “Stone Cold”, and a few horrible comedies. Not to mention “Face Off”. So he’s been all over the map.

Oh yeah, his wife is kinda hot too. So take that and all the simulated hardcore insane sex he had with Sharon Stone and you’ve got a guy that I’d sure like to high five.

  1. September 2, 2010 at 10:23 AM

    Lovely read! 🙂

    too bad for his cancer. lets just pray for him. :/

  2. September 4, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    Love love love Romancing the Stone and I’m not ashamed. And though it wasn’t some spectacular piece of cinema, he and Albert Brooks were pure comedic genius together in The In-Laws.

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