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Another Ho-Hum Release From Apple

Ping = Time waste of epic epicness.

So I just spent about an hour fiddling around with the latest and greatest Apple idea, Ping. The real question is how did I spend an hour doing this? I really can’t tell you. But as an Apple junkie, I feel the need to express my disappointment with it.

So I did a search for (naturally) Ryan Adams. I can’t follow Ryan Adams. I can tell everyone that I like all his albums though. Then, you can follow me and see that I like those albums. Did I mention that Apple conveniently has a link there for you to click on the record and then buy it? I really am into capitalism just like every red-blooded American (right?), but this is just freaking ridiculous. I like my so-called social network to be a bit more social and lot less me selling stuff for you.

While there may be some potential in an iTunes based social network, this early edition of it is weak sauce at best. Unless something drastic happens, tonight will probably be the last time I even screw with Ping. Maybe Steve should spend less cash on black long sleeved T-shirts and more on Ping? Seriously. Does he wear anything else?

  1. September 16, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    Quick Ping update: I can follow Ryan Adams now. Ping still sucks though.

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