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This Is The Best News About Two Lost Cast Members That You Will Read In At Least Today

J.J. Abrams could pitch a remake of "Cop Rock" or "My Mother, The Car" & networks would listen.

There hasn’t been a ton of noise coming from the former cast of the greatest show that you’ve ever seen (“Lost”…duh) lately. Daniel Dae Kim is in “Hawaii-Five-O” but that just has to be terrible. There is a tiny rumor out there that Josh Holloway is being considered for the part of Roland in the Ron Howard TV-movie-massive entertainment onslaught that is “The Dark Tower”. That would be awesome news.

But now, after a few weeks of speculation, it is official: two Losties are getting back together. Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson are going to film a pilot for NBC which, naturally, is being executive produced by J.J. Abrams, who either does not need sleep or has been cloned like Doug in “Multiplicity”.  Obviously, the retarded J.J. clone created “Undercovers” and “Felicity” while the smart J.J. clone was responsible for stuff like “Lost”, “Alias”, and “Star Trek”.

Like every Abrams project, details are kept under wraps as if they were the Masons hiding Jack The Ripper. Or LBJ hiding who really killed Kennedy. Or Obama’s birth certificate. Or other arbitrarily funny things that people idiotically think are massive conspiracies.

Sorry. Sidetracked. The show is rumored to be about two ex-black ops agents. As much as I love these guys starring in a show together, the casting just doesn’t make any sense. I mean…neither of them are black. Clearly.

Okay. Stop reading this now. See what Twitter has done to me? I can’t write one blog post about anything that could remotely be seen as journalism, news, and/or importance. It’s a sad state of affairs. Probably the saddest thing to ever happen to an American human being person ever.

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