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Good TV Shows That I’ve Recently Watched On My TV

My entertainment center. Full HD in a 10" screen. Jealous?

The Fall TV season is underway and I’ve begun to catch up on my DVR Backlog. It’s kind of strange, but I really can’t even remember the nights that most shows actually air. That’s how dependent I am on the DVR.

There are a handful of shows I haven’t started watching yet. For some reason, I like to let two or three episodes collect on the DVR, then watch them all in a row. Oh, who I am kidding? I do this so I have a reason to not move for three to four hours every Saturday afternoon. It’s tremendous.

Here’s what I think so far:

  • By far, my favorite new show right now is AMC’s “Rubicon”. If you are into following a massive government conspiracy being solved by several neurotic eggheaded analysts, then my friends, I’ve found your show. It also helps that Arliss Howard is freaking tremendous in it. Did I mention that not only is Mike Hammer in it, but he apparently has a penchant for banging his receptionist? No? Well he does. Mike Hammer bangs his receptionist.
  • The runner up for favorite new show is ABC’s “Detroit 187”. Yeah, it’s just another cop show with the same old one crime solved per episode cop show standard. Normally, that means the show gets the immediate ax for me. However, after about ten minutes, I completely worshipped Michael Imperioli’s character. Honestly, this is the type of role that wins people an Emmy. The show isn’t too involved, so the potential for a large audience is there, and the role is really quirky, funny, and still has an edge of intensity. Insert more pretentious praise here and you should watch this show.
  • This is painful: So far, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”…has…been…sub-par…faint. They have been a few zingers and one liners that I find myself repeating but overall? Not so great.
  • How great have the FX shows become? I’ve not watched “Sons Of Anarchy” but I understand it’s great and my love of “Louie” and “Archer” is not a secret. In fact, the best thing about “It’s Always Sunny” so far have been the “Archer” promos. I simply cannot wait for the new season…and neither should you.
  • Oh yeah. FX. The new show “Terriers” isn’t bad at all. It’s pretty damn clever and funny. I dig seeing Donal Logue play such a cool character. That guy has been in tons of stuff and it would be great if he could finally get a big hit show.
  • On the DVR and unwatched: “Boardwalk Empire”, “The Event”, “Bored To Death”, “Eastbound And Down”…yeah, I don’t know how I’m going to watch all these shows either. Especially since…
  • ...the Philadelphia Phillies have the best record in the National League, are about to become NL East Champs for the fourth year in a row, and possibly be the odds on favorite to win the World Series for the second time in three years.
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