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The Twitter Effect: A Study Of Blog Neglect & Other Fine Things You Will Be Wanting To Enjoy Because They Are Fine

Why is that prick smiling? Nothing funny about Twitter failure.

It turns out, Twitter has been the dearth of Cinematically Correct. It’s not because I am spewing forth all kinds of opinion on movies or music or TV there, it’s more like my writing has taken a sharp turn towards…the insane, free-flowing thoughts of a crazy person.

I look back at posts the last few weeks and there isn’t a shred of actual opinion. Ah, that’s too much. There is opinion, but none of which is based on fact. Actually, quite a bit of it is based on nothing more than lying in an effort to be funny. It’s sad and I’m not proud of it. So here are some odds and ends:

  • There are a few reasons why I never watched NBC’s “Chuck”. The biggest reason is that even when I did DVR it, I never seemed to choose it as I perused through the list of things to watch. It just kept being skipped over so I eventually pulled the plug. Well, after the latest ratings, NBC may pull the plug on “Chuck” as well. The 2.0 share in the 18-49 market had them just above the now-dead “Lone Star”. As much as I enjoy Adam Baldwin on Twitter, it’s probably about time to say bye to “Chuck”. Sad face.
  • Tonight, I have two passes for free early screenings of “Let Me In” and “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story”. My job, which is considerable more time consuming than those in the past, keeps me from my blog during the work day, but it also makes me…tired and wanting to be at home. Normally, I run to these screenings like Tyrone Biggums to a Free Crack Giveaway. But tonight, I may skip them both and play Madden. No, I don’t smoke weed. I’m just that effing lazy.
  • So I listened to the new Sufjan Stevens album, “The Age Of Adz”, on NPR today. My initial assessment? This record is going to make the guys in Animal Collective shit themselves. Sure, that band really has that electro-folkie move down pat, but Sufjan is about to beat them at their own game.
  • Seriously, do you know how hard it is to come up with a remotely amusing title for a blog post that will hopefully attract one click from Twitter to here? It’s a bitch. This 140 character Twitter noise sucks. Also, how about you score me the New Twitter there Twitter? It would be so choice. Like a red Ferrari.
  • By the way, you should follow me on Twitter. I’m @Chiccywood. Yeah. Don’t ask. Okay ask. My nickname is Chic. The rest you can figure out.
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