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And Today, Cinematically Correct Wept


There have been a few times in which I’ve written some guest posts for other blogs. It was fun but I always go running back to the loving, comfy arms of Cinematically Correct. It’s been a solid relationship for me and I hope to continue it in the future.

Sadly, there is a chance that I will not be a one blog man anymore. Yes, I’ve written a post for Movies Online. Yes, there is the potential for this to be an ongoing thing. Yes, there is the potential for what I write there to be read by about 15 times the amount that read it here. By that, I mean 15 people could potentially read me on that site. See what I did there? Self mockery is truly the salvation of any blogger.

Not only did I write for another blog, I did it using my real name. Well…my real nickname, which is Chic. I’m not going into the specific how or why that it became that, but that’s my nickname nonetheless. You know how many times I used that name on my own blog? Zero. My blog just tried to leave the room, it’s so upset.

[the rest of this post is the transcript of me convincing my blog not to leave me]

I’m sorry. I really and truly am. You’ve been nothing but good to me and I’m not leaving you, I’m just…trying to be better, you know? This other writing gig could actually lead to something bigger and better. I mean, that site has over 1,500 Facebook friends and now that I’ve seen “The Social Network” I realize how important that is.

Yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to belittle the fact that, on a really good day, we get about 800 visits. I know, that’s really, really great. But…it’s just not dependable and I need stability in my life right now. I appreciate that you may have been responsible for 40 or 50 of my Twitter followers (@Chiccywood, dig it), but this will get me read by so many more people that it’s too great an opportunity to pass up.

So please, Cinematically Correct, don’t leave me and I won’t leave you. I’ll write the more serious (at least pseudo-serious) stuff on the other site and do my best to keep going with irreverence on this one. Don’t worry, I’ll post my movie reviews here too. That’s never going to change.

So…are we okay? Are we cool? Okay good. I love you.

Phew. Did that get weird?

  1. October 5, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    Chic we look forward to having you on our team. Having a talented voice like yours in the mix will bring a nice addition to MoviesOnline. Should I point out you dont even have us in your blog roll ? why i oughta… 🙂

    • October 7, 2010 at 1:53 PM

      Totally added. I’m sure that this little blog will send tens of visits over there this year.

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