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The Yearly Fight With The Sickness

The blogging here has been slower than normal over the last week. It’s mostly due to the fact that I once more had my yearly bout with illness, starting last Wednesday and ending on Saturday evening. Thankfully, I was fully coherent to see the greatness of DeSean Jackson drive a stake through the heart of the New York football Giants on Sunday. That may have helped in the healing process.

So what does one do while home sick for several days? The first thing I did was pop in the “Crazy Heart” Bluray and once more realize the greatness of that movie. I mostly did it in preparation for seeing Jeff Bridges in “Tron: Legacy”. If I was going to see The Dude potentially embarrass himself in a crappy action movie, I wanted to relive his finest moment. Yeah, I love Lebowski, but I’ll be damned if Bad Blake isn’t Bridges at his finest.

The next thing? Hours upon hours of NHL 2011 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. The sad thing is that while I am quite good at hockey, I routinely get my head kicked in on Black Ops. These freaking punk kids are off the charts sick at that game. It’s become so pathetic that I am actually finding myself yelling at the screen and frustrated as I routinely finish dead last. I’m becoming what I hate most…an online gaming nerd. Eff me.

Sadly, the point of this post is to link to my Movies Online “Tron:Legacy” review. I just wanted some context around it. Honestly? That is all. I just don’t have the strength this morning to really bring any funny.

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