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First Post In Forever That Will Make Any Son With A Father Cry

Yup, it made me weepy. It’s about time that my boy JK Simmons really got something to dig into. That guy is such greatness.

Also, if you are really missing me (and who isn’t), be sure to read Red Carpet Crash. Here’s a link to my stuff there. Coming up this week? My first taped interview with writer/director Tom McCarthy. I didn’t sweat through my clothes for it, so that was a plus.


January 4th, 2011: The Day That I Realized I Want To See An Ashton Kutcher Movie

This is amazing. It’s like when astronauts discovered the Moon or like when Thomas Edison made electricity and the iPhone. After watching the extremely not safe for work trailer below, I want to see an Ashton Kutcher movie. Needless to say, I’m quite bothered by this development. I mean…it’s just that…Ashton Kutcher is so freaking terrible.

I’m giving myself some credit as there are other factors in my want to see this movie. Let’s detail them shall we? Also, this is something that I would recently have posted on MoviesOnline, but this trailer is maybe a bit too vulgar for that site. However, I’m completely fine with spreading it around here.

1. Ivan Reitman directed it and this movie looks to be extremely blue. I like that he’s going to try for an edge here.

2. Natalie Portman looks like she’s quite naked throughout. So really, that’s a huge plus.

3. Kevin Klein = greatness 100% of the time.

4. Ludacris (spelled right? I have no clue) is funny. Well, not generally, but he looks to be quite funny in this.

5. Mindy effing Kaling pal. She’s a good strong person that makes funny word sounds come out of her mouth.

6. Natalie Portman looks like she’s quite naked throughout. So really, that’s a…wait…I said that already. But…she looks naked a bunch.

Two Trailers: One Made Me Meh, The Other Made Me Weepy

September 16, 2010 3 comments

Yesterday, two brand new trailers hit the Interweb machine and are now in your face and all over your computer on several different websites. Since you can easily find them in several different locations, I figured why not smack them up here and give you my two cents worth. Up first, “The Tourist” starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

Meh. Not too terribly great looking but not awful. Honestly, I feel the same about this trailer as I did for the first “Knight And Day” trailer…we all know that movie did not turn out too well. Of course, that movie had the poison that is Cameron Diaz and this has the very sexy looking Angelina Jolie. Throw in that magnificent hair of Johnny Depp and it could be a winner. Maybe. Not sure. I am sure that I want his hair.

Let me just say this first: I despise the director David O. Russell. The guy called Lily Tomlin the c-word. He made “I Heart Huckabees”, which is just 100% concentrated pretentious evil from the Gates Of Hell. It’s so God awful and irredeemable. He also made enemies with George Clooney. Yeah, Clooney. How does someone not get along with that guy?

However, this movie looks amazing. Marky Mark Wahlberg is really hit or miss, but when he hits (see “The Departed” and “Invincible”), he really hits. He looks pretty fantastic in this, but from what I’ve read, it’s Christian Bale who is going to be collecting nominations for this one. Yet again, Bale looks nothing like himself and is obviously in hardcore need of a cheeseburger. If he gets any skinner, he’d be opaque. The general idea of what I’m saying here is that Christian Bale looks very thin.

See 1:00 Of Insane Joaquin Phoenix

Here’s the trailer for the documentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s foray into the gangster rap world. Yes, it looks self-indulgent, self-important, pretentious, pointless, idiotic, other negative words to describe an egomaniac.

I’m interested.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Paul Rudd For Oscar Campaign Starts Right Here

There’s really only one director/writer that has shown he’s able to consistently get actors Oscar nominations for largely comedic-type roles. That would be James L. Brooks. Did this guy kind of invent the dramedy? “Terms Of Endearment” is 100% certified greatness, “As Good As It Gets” has what I feel to be Jack Nicholson’s second best performance of his career, and now, Brooks is going to get my favorite actor on the Oscar train. Paul Rudd. Believe it buddy.

Don’t think it can happen? Watch this trailer and see the potential gold that Rudd has with this role. It seems like the type of lovable,down on his luck loser that he will just smoke out of the park.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Why Does Zach Snyder Have A Get Out Of Movie Jail Free Card?

After all the cool news that came out of Comic Con over the weekend, there’s one thing that I just can’t figure out. I get the excitement over the entire cast of The Avengers showing up, how cool it would have been to sit in on The Expendables panel, all that badass Tron stuff, etc. There is one thing that sticks out to me:

Why does everyone worship Zach Snyder? This completely blows my mind. I’ve sat through all of his movies and his “Dawn Of The Dead” remake is easily his best movie, which is not saying much about his body of work. “300” is an aggressive, painful attack on every sense you possess and “Watchmen” is absolutely terrible. This 90 second trailer for “Sucker Punch” has done little to make me think that Snyder’s changed his tune at all. This looks exactly like every other movie he’s made and either I’m missing the boat here or the Snyder apologists are 100% insane. I mean…this guy sucks, no other way for me to express my opinion about him.

Anybody Up To Watch “Tron” Then Play Some Tank Later Today?

Normally, I don’t get all geeked out over action scenes or fancy special effects. I’m more of a plot or character driven movie fan, which is why I loved “Inception” and despise “Avatar”. One uses effects and action to push a story, the other showed me tall blue cats flying on dinosaurs for an hour. Boooooring.

This latest trailer for “Tron Legacy” may be the rare exception for me. This trailer was shown at the Tron panel at Comicon yesterday and there’s no doubt that the geeks were floored. It just looks mind-blowing.