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First Real Appearance Of Me Coincides With First Appearance Of Wayne Coyne

Last night, lead singer of The Flaming Lips/greatest rock front man alive today Wayne Coyne personally delivered vinyl copies of his band’s collaboration with Neon Indian to Good Records in Dallas, TX. As I have been following The Flaming Lips for about twenty years now, I naturally went to not only get the record, but be presented with the chance to meet Wayne.

I met Wayne. He shook my hand. I said thanks for coming to Dallas. Then I froze. I have never really been the starstruck type, but I went completely stupid. I don’t know if I said anything coherent. I do know that he signed my record.

Then…he hugged Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I. And a picture was taken. I am not a fan of pictures, but I couldn’t and still can’t get that stupid grin off my face.

Thank you to Wayne Coyne for coming to Dallas and making my Thursday the best Thursday ever. As always, check me out at Red Carpet Crash and follow me, Chiccywood, on Twitter.


Attention! Stop The Radiohead Backlash!!

February 23, 2011 2 comments

After five or six spins through the latest Radiohead album, “The King of Limbs”, I’m here to tell you that I’m a fan. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not even remotely close to “The Bends” or “OK Computer”, which are two of the best albums of the past twenty years. Radiohead made the definitive records for two different music genres: guitar rock and electronic rock. There’s really no doubting their brilliance, most notably Johnny Greenwood’s guitar brilliance and the fact that Phil Selway may be one of the greatest rock drummers to ever pick up sticks.

From the second that Radiohead made their album available for download last Friday, the hate towards this band has been flowing. Critics, non-fans, even regular fans of the band are just tearing them down. I don’t get it. There is nothing wrong with this little album, other than the fact that it’s entirely too short. Eight songs? That’s lamery.

I think that most of the fervor is over this slightly silly video for “Lotus Flower”, which is the song I currently can’t get out of my head. Yeah…Thom Yorke looks a bit insane as he dances his way through five minutes of song. The song is pretty badass, but Thom is just too weird.

Then…there’s this. This is much, much better than the real video.

The New Pornographers Make The Greatest Music Video Of All Time

There hasn’t been any posts here in forever. Why? I’m yet again writing for another movie site. This one is called Red Carpet Crash and my snarkiness doesn’t even come close to matching their snark. Really, it’s a match made in heaven. You can see my posts pretty easily there as I’m the guy named Chic wrestling an alligator. That’s just how I roll. So the majority of my gibber jabber will be on that site. Again, it’s Red Carpet Crash.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the genius of this New Pornographers video for “Moves”. There are so many funny people showing up in it, not to mention a pregnant Paul Rudd and a pregnant Bill Hader. Yeah. It’s that kind of weird. So weird that a guy puts a line of blow on a slice of pizza. Now that is mother effing rock and roll brosef.

You Need To Read Yet Another Best Songs Of 2010 List

December 21, 2010 2 comments

Keep On...With The Force Don't Stop...Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

The end of the year is such a great time to be a blogger. I’ve already shoved my favorite albums list down your throat, so why not tell you all about my favorite songs too? In fact, if you are my tenth caller, you’ll win the fine jukebox seen here, complete with every song on my list in it. On 45 bro. You really can’t not be wanting to miss out on this rare opportunity to not win a contest that is in no way fake or illegitimate or conjured up in an effort to be funny even though it’s definitely not funny but it might be so humor me…

Here’s the list:

25. “Crash Years”, The New Pornographers

24. “Mall & Misery”, Broken Bells

23. “Black Eyes”, Shearwater

22. “In The Sun”, She & Him

21. “White Sky”, Vampire Weekend

20. “Burden of Tomorrow”, The Tallest Man on Earth

19. “Impossible Soul”, Sufjan Stevens

18. “Written In Reverse”, Spoon

17. “Terrible Love”, The National

16. “Nothing Like You”, Frightened Rabbit

15. “We Fell”, S. Carey

14. “Wide Eyes”, Local Natives

13. “Ready To Start”, Arcade Fire

12. “Blue Bear”, Band Of Horses

11. “World Sick”, Broken Social Scene

10. “Stylo”, Gorillaz

9. “I Can Change”, LCD Soundsystem

8. “Yulia”, Wolf Parade

7. “Who Knows, Who Cares”, Local Natives

6. “Promises”, The Morning Benders

5. “Desire Lines”, Deerhunter

4. “King of Spain”, The Tallest Man on Earth

3. “The Loneliness”, Frightened Rabbit

2. “Dance Yrself Clean”, LCD Soundsystem

1. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”, The National



The Continuing Uselessness Of iTunes Ping

December 10, 2010 1 comment

Steve: Social media is not supposed to be annoying.

This morning, I noticed that iTunes has updated Ping to work with Twitter accounts. As the majority of social media music sites and apps (Last.FM, Soundhound, etc.) also have this capability, this interaction only makes sense. Turns out, once you give iTunes your Twitter information, you automatically post all your actions to Twitter. Like a song and click that on Ping? It automatically Tweets it, not giving you an option to not take that action.

If you’re like me, you occasionally sit down in front of your iMac and just click through your iTunes library. I’m doing it to just look for band or albums that I haven’t listened to in quite some time and sometimes, I come across something that I completely forgot I even owned. Mostly, it’s so I have a constant self-reminder of how hip and cool I am because of all the indie snob rock I won. Then, I put on a wool snow cap in the summer and get a coffee. While listening to Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” on vinyl. And smoking Parliaments. This line of hipster stereotypical humor doing anything for you?

What does all that mean? It means that I would click the Ping Like button as I scrolled through my library. Since I don’t feel like flooding my Twitter followers timeline with songs that I like, I’m not going to click the Ping Like button as often. So, at least for me, it makes the social interaction of telling Ping followers that I like a song even more irrelevant.

Yes, I spend time ogling my iTunes library. Hell, it’s got to be a better timewaste on the computer than staring endlessly at baseball stats (which is code for internet porn, don’t tell anyone). Besides, didn’t people used to just flip through their vinyl collection way back in the 70s? Ha. Those people are totally old. Old can’t touch me.

The lamest part about the automatic Tweet? You can’t even customize it. When I like to be self-important and pretentious by telling everyone what song I’m listening to, I at least like to be amusing while doing it. Ping won’t even let me do that. Here’s what it does:!/Chiccywood/status/13235575100280832

Weak effing sauce buddy. This mostly annoys me because the word “likes” isn’t capitalized. I’m very particular when it comes to punctuation and capitalization.

So to sum up, Ping is even more awfulerest now. In fact, it kind of sucks. It sucks really, really hard. Of course I’ll continue to use it though as I am nothing more than Steve Jobs’ bitch.

Daft Punk Are Here To Make Your Techno 80s Video Game Movie Pants Fly Off

The highly anticipated Daft Punk soundtrack to “Tron: Legacy” is finally available. Up until today, you could only hear snippets of the tunes on the German or something called MySpace. There were loads of phony songs sent out onto the Interweb machines, probably by the band themselves, in a misdirection attempt to keep the real stuff from leaking. Know what? It may have worked. Believe me, I did everything short of breaking into a music studio to try and get this album early. Why can’t I wait? Because I can’t dammit. Hold on, here’s a better question: Why can you wait? Don’t you want this delicious techno-dance-rock on your iPod as soon as possible and the date that was decided by the group and everyone involved who knows the music business much better than I do were obviously wrong in waiting until today to officially release it but…

…I’m sorry. I’ve gone cross-eyed. Oh, here’s the Daft Punk video, complete with light cycles, some jousting, and the uber-hot Olivia Wilde.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Best Albums Of 2010 That You Can’t Miss Hearing Because They Are The Best Albums Of 2010

Can any of you immediately win?

It’s that time of the year again. You know, the time when music snobs like me tell you all the hip and cool music I’ve been listening to all year. Oh, but for all my tens of readers, I’m going all out this year. Actually, that’s been my slogan all year: Goin’ All Out In 2010. That means you get to see every album I listened to in 2010 ranked in worst to first order. Lucky freaking you right?

I realize this list doesn’t have some critically acclaimed or high selling records on it. I won’t put it on my list unless I’ve heard it. So, naturally, there is no Kanye or Katy Perry or whatever is on the radio these days as I just don’t listen to the radio. Radio is evil and must be stopped at all costs.

30. “That Lonesome Song”, Jamey Johnson

29. “Interpol”, Interpol

28. “National Ransom”, Elvis Costello

27. “Destroyers of the Void”, Blitzen Trapper

26. “Courage of Others”, Midlake

25. “Congratulations”, MGMT

24. “The Ghost Who Walks”, Karen Elson

23. “Surfing The Void”, The Klaxons

22. “Infinite Arms”, Band Of Horses

21. “Forgiveness Rock Record”, Broken Social Scene

20. “The Age of Adz”, Sufjan Stevens

19. “Contra”, Vampire Weekend

18. “Together”, The New Pornographers

17. “Junky Star”, Ryan Bingham

16. “Broken Bells”, Broken Bells

15. “All We Grow”, S. Carey

14. “Sea of Cowards”, The Dead Weather

13. “Transference”, Spoon

12. “Tourist History”, Two Door Cinema Club

11. “The Big To Do”, Drive By Truckers

10. “The Suburbs”, Arcade Fire

9. “Big Echo”, The Morning Benders

8. “The Golden Archipelago”, Shearwater

7. “Volume Two”, She & Him

6. “Halcyon Digest”, Deerhunter

5. “The Winter Of Mixed Drinks”, Frightened Rabbit

4. “This Is Happening”, LCD Soundsystem

3. “The Wild Hunt”, The Tallest Man On Earth

2. “High Violet”, The National

1. “Expo 86”, Wolf Parade

Cinematically Correct note: I win. Middle across with the help of the free square.