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Holy F’ing Cow! It’s Time For A List Of Albums That I Love So Much That I’m Putting Them On A List Of Albums That I Like

It’s July 2nd and NPR has already put together a best of 2010 list. What a ridiculous practice. Who the hell is interested in looking at a best of the year list when we’re only halfway through the year? Stupid timewaste if you ask me.

Here’s my list of The Best Albums of 2010 So Far:

12. Vampire Weekend, “Contra”

11. The Dead Weather, “Sea Of Cowards”

10. Broken Bells, “Broken Bells”

9. Spoon, “Transference”

8. She & Him, “Volume Two”

7. MGMT, “Congratulations”

6. Frightened Rabbit, “The Winter Of Mixed Drinks”

5. LCD Soundsystem, “This Is Happening”

4. Wolf Parade, “Expo 86”

3. Broken Social Scene, “Forgiveness Rock Record”

2. Local Natives, “Gorilla Manor”

1. The National, “High Violet”

At this point, it would take the second coming of “Sgt. Pepper” to knock The National off the top stop.

There have been a few disappointments and underwhelming efforts for me. “Infinite Arms” by Band Of Horses is a huge disappointment for me. I adore reverb soaked vocals and guitar as much as ever alt-country junkie out there and this group was championing that cause. This record is just, well, boring. I don’t know. Maybe I expect too much from these bands?


Unequivocally, The Best Lost Clip Ever Created

Someone should have warned me to not watch this at work. It’s going to be hard to explain why I’m weepy. I’ve always loved this song and it fits perfectly.

So this is it. This is going to be my last “Lost” post. Thanks to the YouTube user Jovianrich19 for creating such a fitting final tribute to “Lost”.

“Bloodbuzz Ohio” Has Flown Into The List Of Songs That I Like So Much That They Are On My Favorite Song List

After several weeks in which I’ve listened to The National’s latest album, “High Violet”, at least once a day, I’ve now decided that “Bloodbuzz Ohio” is in my Top Five Favorite Songs Ever. Yes, this is true even though this album debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts, which usually disqualifies me from liking a band. You can’t be an indie music snob and like popular music now can you?

Here’s the updated list, which I cannot be held to due to constant fluctuations. It’s like the Dow Jones.

5. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”, The National

4.”Oliver’s Army”, Elvis Costello & The Attractions

3. “God Only Knows”, The Beach Boys

2. “Rearviewmirror”, Pearl Jam

1. “Why Do They Leave?”, Ryan Adams

Yes, I realize this list is insane. Oh, here’s the video for “Bloodbuzz Ohio”.

How 2010 Became The Year The Austin City Limits Festival Completely Sold Its Soul

When you go to an all-weekend music festival, you should know going in to expect lots and lots of indie bands with most of the headlining acts being some big name artists that still seem hip or cool. For example, the last time I attended ACL, Tom Petty was the final act. Sure, Petty’s sold millions of records and is a huge star, but he still maintains a hipster image of cool. So, in my snobby/douchey hipster mind, he remains cool.

Well, the 2010 ACL lineup was just announced and the headliners are some of the worst I’ve seen. Let’s look at them shall we?

  • The Eagles: If The Dude hates the Eagles, I hate the Eagles. Oh, just kidding. I dig The Eagles. Now, do I think that they should be headlining ACL? Not a chance. They are going to be so out of place, especially after following the next band on Sunday night…
  • The Flaming Lips: Search for this band on this blog and that should explain how I feel about them. They are greatness. They are rock heroes. They will make The Eagles look 500 years old after they finish their set.
  • Muse: Vomit.
  • Norah Jones: Won’t there be enough weed at Zilker Park to put people to sleep? The last thing we need is Jones to come out and knock everyone out.
  • The Strokes: Okay, now we’re talking. They haven’t really played together in years and it will be interesting to see if I like them as much as I did six or seven years ago.
  • Phish: Dear Lord. My only hope is that all the dirty, disgusting burnout dopes that still think this band is actually good clear out of Austin after they are done on Friday night. This band is so musically irrelevant…I…I…I really can’t think of anything truly cruel enough to say about how much I despise this band.

Now, there are several bands that make my indie snob pants go crazy. Here are the bands that you should be wanting to see because they are playing really great music that you’ll not be wanting to be missing.


  • Spoon
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Broken Bells
  • Beach House
  • Girls


  • LCD Soundsystem
  • Monsters Of Folk
  • Matt & Kim
  • The xx
  • The Temper Trap
  • Local Natives
  • Bear In Heaven

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

  • The Flaming Lips
  • Band Of Horses
  • The National
  • Yeasayer
  • Midlake
  • The Morning Benders

I am a fan of all these bands and can personally vouch for their awesomenicity.

Do You Like American Music? Cinematically Correct Likes American Music

It’s been awhile since I’ve flashed my indie music snob membership card on Cinematically Correct and since I’ve already talked about how kickass “Iron Man 2” is, why not talk about how kickass these recently released albums are?

Grizzly Bear For Dummies.

The caption under the album cover here isn’t meant as a slight, it’s just that The Morning Benders “Big Echo” is definitely into that chamber pop sound but is a bit more accessible than the boys in Grizzly Bear. It makes sense that this record has that big melodic sound like “Veckatimest” since Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Murphy produced it.

This type of music is really making some headway in the indie scene. It’s all about jingly jangly guitars, layered arrangements with unique instruments (glockenspiel anyone?), and most importantly, vocal harmonies that make your heart leap out of your chest. It’s as if every baroque pop band listens to “Pet Sounds” every morning, then goes about trying to recreate the pop beauty in that record. While “Big Echo” doesn’t even come close to that piece of genius, it’s definitely a good record for a band interested in achieving that type of thing.

It's like a great rap compilation album for Canadian Indie Rockers.

Recently, I’ve realized that I don’t know anything about modern radio. I refuse to listen to FM stations because if my ears hear any Black Eyed Peas, I go into epileptic shock even though I am not epileptic. However, I am aware that many rappers and R&B stars record albums in which every song is featuring this guy or starring that chick or whatever. It’s all, Featuring T-Pain or T.I. or whomever else is out there. I really don’t know. Look, I’m very, very white.

Well, Broken Social Scene is kind of like those rap groups but for white indie rock guys. Now, they don’t put the featuring tag on their tunes, they just let you listen and figure out who is singing. Is it Feist? Is it Kevin Drew? Did Jason Collett come back for this album? Oh, there’s Emily Haines, she’s great. You have to just listen and bring it all in, which you should because this album is easily their best since “You Forgot It In People”. Not only that, it’s the first time Feist, Haines, and Amy Millan all sing on a BSS song together. It’s almost too much indie rock chick cuteness for one tune.

The National knows the plight of the mid-30s white man.


Step One: You go to iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download the software immediately. If you do not have a computer or Internet access…well…you aren’t reading this and should go to Step One-A.
Step One-A: Get in your car and go to a record store tomorrow to buy The National’s “High Violet”. Listen repeatedly.
Step Two: Open iTunes, search for The National. If you do not own their records, immediately pick up “Alligator” and “Boxer”. Then, order “High Violet”.
Step Three: Listen to “Alligator”.
Step Four: Listen to “Boxer”.
Step Five: Listen to “High Violet”.
Step Six: Question how this band is not hugely popular.

No, I do not work for the band in any fashion. There are only a few artists that I listen to that I feel are singing directly to me. This is one of them. Every song is a moody, gorgeous piece of music that seems to know exactly how I’m feeling. Yeah, I do stupid things, I say stupid things, I keep messing up…but by the end of every day/song, I realize that I’ve done okay and everything’s good. That’s what a National song means to me.

Have I ever mentioned that I am extremely overdramatic?

Check Out The Best Mustache In Indie Rock

How can my brain handle the deadly combo of Craig Ferguson’s genius and the beauty of “Airplanes” by Local Natives? I really can’t. Honestly, you need to hop on board with this band before Apple or Cadillac buys one of their tunes and bombards you with it in an effort to sell products. Damn you capitalism! Can’t we just buy music from these people? Why do you evil companies have to try and make money in addition to bands that sell their songs in an effort to make money?

It’s difficult to type sarcasm sometimes.

A Guy In An Indian Headress Helps The Flaming Lips On Jimmy Fallon

You have to give it to Jimmy Fallon’s booking department. They go out and get some of the best indie bands going today. Not many shows would stick The National on there and have them play the first song of an album that hasn’t even been released yet.

Here’s another winner from Fallon’s show. You get The Flaming Lips on and they do a killer version of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe”. This is easily the best tune from their cover of the “Dark Side Of The Moon” album. Yes, you read that right, they recorded the album in its entirety. I love this band and I still haven’t passed judgment on the album because it’s just so damn different. Now their actual album “Embryonic”? 100% Flaming Lips gold my friend.

Vodpod videos no longer available.