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You Need To Read Yet Another Best Songs Of 2010 List

December 21, 2010 2 comments

Keep On...With The Force Don't Stop...Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

The end of the year is such a great time to be a blogger. I’ve already shoved my favorite albums list down your throat, so why not tell you all about my favorite songs too? In fact, if you are my tenth caller, you’ll win the fine jukebox seen here, complete with every song on my list in it. On 45 bro. You really can’t not be wanting to miss out on this rare opportunity to not win a contest that is in no way fake or illegitimate or conjured up in an effort to be funny even though it’s definitely not funny but it might be so humor me…

Here’s the list:

25. “Crash Years”, The New Pornographers

24. “Mall & Misery”, Broken Bells

23. “Black Eyes”, Shearwater

22. “In The Sun”, She & Him

21. “White Sky”, Vampire Weekend

20. “Burden of Tomorrow”, The Tallest Man on Earth

19. “Impossible Soul”, Sufjan Stevens

18. “Written In Reverse”, Spoon

17. “Terrible Love”, The National

16. “Nothing Like You”, Frightened Rabbit

15. “We Fell”, S. Carey

14. “Wide Eyes”, Local Natives

13. “Ready To Start”, Arcade Fire

12. “Blue Bear”, Band Of Horses

11. “World Sick”, Broken Social Scene

10. “Stylo”, Gorillaz

9. “I Can Change”, LCD Soundsystem

8. “Yulia”, Wolf Parade

7. “Who Knows, Who Cares”, Local Natives

6. “Promises”, The Morning Benders

5. “Desire Lines”, Deerhunter

4. “King of Spain”, The Tallest Man on Earth

3. “The Loneliness”, Frightened Rabbit

2. “Dance Yrself Clean”, LCD Soundsystem

1. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”, The National