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Halladay, Blanton, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels: The Greatest Five Man Table Sit Of All Time

February 14, 2011 3 comments


It’s going to start early this year. I’m already in full-on Phillies giddiness. For example, today’s work clothes consist of a brand new Phillies hoodie, a Cliff Lee thong, and nothing else. Oh yeah. Vans. I’m wearing some Vans.

So I apologize in advance. But I’m really not sorry. That’s just me being nice. I want the Phillies to go 162-0 while decimating every single Major League Baseball team along the way. Including the team that you like, whichever it may be. In fact, I hope they beat the team that you like ever worse than the other teams that you don’t like. If it’s the Mets, I hope they double beat them.


Keep Me Away From Sharp Objects & Tall Buildings

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I hate to throw out the give-up card but with the latest news from Philly, it’s pretty tough for me. Actually, it’s hard for me to type this without getting weepy. There is word that the MRI on Cole Hamels’ shoulder is not good and he could miss the rest of the year.

That’s really all I have to say about it.

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About 450 Were Legit

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Barry Bonds went ahead and smoked number 756 last night in San Francisco. I don’t really have much to say about it. I know he cheated and it’s a real bummer. The guy is immensely talented and he goes down as the best player of his time with or without chemical enhancement.

I will try and remember Bonds during his Pittsburgh Pirate days. That’s when he was legitimately the best baseball player alive. Of course, that distinction now belongs to Chase Utley. Wait, it may be Ryan Howard or Cole Hamels. Whoever it is, it’s probably a Phillie.