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The Super ESPN Fantasy Football League With Eight Dopes

So ESPN had their super-duper Fantasy Football special last night. Yes, I play fantasy football and you can see my team right here. I am sure that it was overblown in a way that only ESPN can do it. Are they trying to ruin every facet of every sport on the planet? They are in the process of ruining NASCAR…but is that really that hard to do? I mean, it sucks already. ESPN is just upping the suck factor for it.

Here are the teams in the ESPN Idiot League. Honestly, I know more about fantasy football than these schmucks.

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First Post About, Well, Me I Suppose

It’s not really about me so much as it is about my obsession with the adult male version of Dungeons & Dragons. No, I’m not talking about some gay online PC game. Please, I don’t live with my parents. I am talking about, of course, Fantasy Football.

No lie, I started playing this game in 1988. Next year will by 20th anniversary with sports geekdom. I am the Cal Ripken of Fantasy Football. I have won my share and lost my share. I also play Fantasy Baseball which is ever geekier. I have won my share and well, won my share. I dominate the Fantasy Baseball world. Seriously. That schwab idiot on the worldwide leader of sports ESPN? He’s a clown. I would own that fat dope.

Why is this relevant today? I stayed after work, in our conference room for a bit over three hours tonight doing our Fantasy Football draft. It was actually the best draft I have even been in because we used the overhead projector and showed the entire draft on the big screen. If you are a Fantasy geek, you know that is pretty cool. Really. It is.

I had the seventh pick overall and here is my team in pick order:

1. Brian Westbrook, RB
2. Fast Willie Parker, RB
3. Donovan McNabb, QB (this would be the part of the draft when I was called a “homer”)
4. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
5. Deion Branch, WR
6. Calvin Johnson, WR
7. Santonio Homes, WR
8. Vernon Davis, TE
9. Bernard Berrian, WR
10. Vincent Jackson, WR
11. Brandon Jackson, RB
12. Matt Jones, WR
13. LenDale White, RB
14. Ben Watson, TE
15. Rex Grossman, QB (who is actually being interview on ESPN as I type)
16. David Akers, K
17. Colts Defense

That’s it. That’s my team. Yes, I am an Eagles fan and yes, I am a huge homer for taking McNabb. Come on, he’s good and taking him in the Third Round is just fine.

So there it is. That’s what I did on my Monday night. Awesometown.

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